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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

“Marketing and the Internet of Things: Are You Ready ...

Prior to digital technology, marketers and brands relied on a one-way, communications model. With the advent of the Internet, social media, and mobile marketing, brands now have two-way communications between brand and consumer and consumer to consumer.

Brand Marketing And The Internet Of Things | Branding ...

Digital marketing through the Internet of people has blossomed, rapidly becoming the channel of choice for many brand marketers, yet as different as it is, just another part of the marketing mix. The Internet of things, though, is about much more. Already, there are hints of what this world will be like for consumers and marketers.

Brands and the Internet of Things |

The Internet of Things has given us a world where almost any device can share data via the Internet. More than 20 billion things worldwide will be connected by 2020. The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that digital transformation will be a key strategy for 67% of the Global 2000 by 2018.

5 Brands That Are Using the Internet of Things in Awesome Ways

By tapping into the Internet of Things, brands can closely monitor consumer behavior, and—even though it may sound a bit too invasive—put the data they collect to good use. With sensors, a product can go from being a tool to an actual medium of communication between the marketer and the consumer.

The Internet of Things in marketing: the integrated ...

The use of the Internet of Things in marketing is really about thinking outside of the box and offering relevant services in the most valuable ways for the ‘real’ customer in real life. Or in other words a holistic, customer-centric and integrated marketing opportunity.