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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

Marketing Manager Job Description | Paladin Staffing

What is a Marketing Manager? Marketing managers are responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for an entire organization (or lines of business and brands within an organization) in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

Sales & Marketing Manager Job Description |

Sales and marketing managers advertise and sell products to create competitive advantages for their organizations. They are responsible for promoting the company's existing brands as well as introducing new products into the marketplace.

Brand Manager Job Description | Paladin Staffing

What is a Brand Manager? When you hear a brand’s name, what thoughts come to mind? If they are positive, inspiring and make you want to run out to buy the brand’s newest product, then a brand manager somewhere is doing his or her job.

E-Commerce Manager Job Description |

An E-commerce manager is the mastermind of Internet marketing and online sales for a company or business. Working with a team of technological specialists, an E-commerce manager oversees online sales traffic, deploys Internet promotions and works with social media companies to increase online sales.

Sales Manager Job Description -

Document Description. Page 1 JOB DESCRIPTION SALES MANAGER Brief description The position of sales manager consists of directing the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer, coordinating sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals.