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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter ...

The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound like a business buzzword, but in reality, it’s a real technological revolution that will impact everything we do. It's a gigantic wave of new possibility that is destined to change the face of technology as we know it.

How the Internet of Things impacts marketing - i-SCOOP

Of course, the Internet of Things also will impact customer experience, the amount of data gained through connected devices and analytics. In a consumer and marketing context, Big Data and (predictive) analytics are never far away.

“Marketing and the Internet of Things: Are You Ready ...

The Internet of Things is creating a new, connected universe full of new possibilities for marketing, as we know it. Today, marketers have multiple sophisticated tools to answer some the critical fundamental questions about consumers – what, when, how and where.

How The Internet Of Things Is Changing Online Marketing

The Internet of Things means that big marketing data is getting even bigger Marketers love their data. We search for data in every possible source, relentlessly test our ideas for more data, slice and dice our data for more meaning, and tell others about the messages in our data.

How will the Internet of Things (IoT) impact marketing ...

Internet of things is reshaping the marketing strategies to make the most out of with the insights received from data gathered via connected devices. “51% of the world’s top global marketers expect that IoT will revolutionize the marketing landscape by 2020”.