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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

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Next Level BS: Saving the Internet from BS, one turd at a ...

In this episode of Next Level BS, we take a look at the latest "drought to end all droughts" in California. While many are quick to blame crops that require excessive irrigation, or environmental policies that divert billions of gallons of water because of a small fish, it’s not the whole story.

4 Marketing Strategies To Take eCommerce To The Next Level

This guide is going to introduce you to four marketing strategies that are going to help take your eCommerce efforts to the next level.

17 Tools That’ll Take Your Social Media Marketing Results ...

Social media is a wasteland of productivity. Marketers use social media to grow their businesses. Most, however, are wasting their time. I’m not saying social media is a bad marketing channel. In fact, as you’ve seen in the nutrition site case study, I use platforms such as Facebook to drive ...

How Game Theory Is Taking Marketing To The Next Level - Forbes

Instead of using rudimentary measurement models like last-click attribution to inform marketing decisions, game theory attribution can distribute credit for a sale across several points of the customer’s buying journey.