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Last Updated on September 23, 2021


There are many beliefs going around in the minds of people regarding local SEO, out of which there are many that hold no truth. If you also have a certain mindset about local SEO and are blindly believing things that you have read or heard, you must make sure whether all of those are true or not. This article will let you clear any confusions or misunderstanding that you may be having regarding the same. Listed below are the most common local SEO myths that are often confronted.

Myth – Employees at Google are the highest authority for ranking signals.

Truth – The employees at Google have no authority to reveal any top-secrets and tips to help your website rank well. Instead of believing the advices they give like posting on Google+ can help improve ranking, or altering your business description helps to rank well in the 3-pack, or anything else, it is advisable to consider things that professionals are saying in surveys and case studies. You can rely upon a reputed internet marketing company to help you out with all the factors that can aid in ranking your business better.

Myth – Posting on Google+ improves your ranking.

Truth – If you believe that being active on Google+ will serve as a ranking factor, you are definitely wrong because Google does not include a link to your Google+ page in the local pack, which makes it impossible for people to see your Google+ posts unless they search for your business by its name. Whatever you do, remember that posting on Google+ will not cause your ranking to skyrocket.

Myth – Mark the listing of your old location as ‘closed’ when you relocate.

Truth – If you mark an old listing as ‘closed’, you will have a big red ‘permanently closed’ label on that listing, which will be shown to people who search for your business name. This will have people to believe that your business is permanently closed. So, instead of doing so, you should simply edit the address inside your dashboard. You can mark any unverified duplicate listing in your old address as ‘moved’.

Myth – Deleting a listing in Google My Business removes it from Google.

Truth – People try to get rid of duplicate listings on Google by deleting them from the Google My Business Dashboard. The truth is that this step only makes the listings unverified; it does not delete them. The listings still exist on Google Maps and will rank if the categories or details have not been cleared before deleting it. Deleting a listing from Google My Business only serves the purpose if you don’t want to manage the listing anymore.

Myth – ‘Maps SEO’ can be worked upon effectively without ‘Organic SEO’.

Truth – ‘Maps’ optimization cannot be separated from organic optimization. It is almost impossible to get your business in the 3-pack without a strong organic ranking and a website with strong local signals. Any change you make on your website will have an effect on where you rank locally. You need to hire the SEO services of a company that understands how Google Maps and the 3-pack work together, and whose goal is to get your business ranked both organically and locally.


Source by Payal Anukul Jain