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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

The issue of affiliate program networks not doing enough for the ordinary affiliate marketer has been a topic seriously and thoroughly discussed by many a blog and forum.

Affiliate marketers complain about losing commissions to affiliate link hijackers. Unpaid levies from unscrupulous affiliate program sponsors.

Affiliates complain about affiliates using their ClickBank links to secure discounts on hot selling products. There are many an article and heated discussion going around in a number of forums heralding the “death of ClickBank, Linkshare, TradeDoulbler, Commission Junction” and so on.

“Many people talk a lot about what they know. A few people know a lot about what they talk about”

Knowledge is power and power gives you the ability to use your knowledge to make money.

Power is often determined by the amount of money you have: A Bill Gates or Michael Milken for example.

Time is money. The oldest trick in business and commerce is to get rich using other people’s time (money).

Truth: Affiliate networks are a powerful solution to the knowledgeable Internet Marketing Merchants.

Affiliate marketers use their time (money) to make internet marketing merchants rich beyond their wildest dreams while themselves (affiliate marketers) are compensated for their efforts by way of a % of the sale price of the product. Everybody makes something, some make a lot (internet marketing merchants), some will make a “little” (affiliate marketers).

Business Life Cycle

Every single program that you come across online falls within a life cycle of existence from the “very hot” incoming generating stage to a much more milder “still bringing the bacon” stage and finally to the “dead and rotting turkey” stage.

The perceived value of any product will decline over time if the “must have factors” and benefits to the customer are not met. If products are not constantly and consistently adjusted to meet the needs of the customer, its value to the market will decline.

In an ever changing marketing environment a large number of products and services will go into extinction due to the inability to meet new demands and satisfy the desire of emerging cultural concepts.

Why ClickBank? Why Not ClickBank?

ClickBank is alive and well but might be “lying in bed too long after sunrise”, yes, there are a number of things they need to get right.

My well earned opinion will suggest that they adopt a strategy to augment the needs and efforts of the affiliates. after all it is the affiliate network that is the lifeblood of Clickbank’s existence.

I would therefore encourage affiliates to lobby for improved policies guaranteed towards improving their lot because if the majority of affiliates were to abandon the ClickBank brand, they will also be abandoned by the merchants and finally the customers.

Affiliates marketers should take faith that they are the ones who spend the time (money) to make every affiliate program out there into something of a cash-point, making millionaires of all and sundry.

What Affiliates Should Do When Promoting Products Online

I understand that a greater number of us, once we identify a hot selling affiliate product we run with it straight to Google AdWords or to pay per click (PPC) but is this the best approach? I say not and here are the alternatives:

1. Set up an introductory page (squeeze page, landing page whatever) that introduces a product of the hour, day, week, month or year.

2. This page exists as a (see why below)

3. S.E.O this page using webposition gold, traffic equalizer, traffic hurricane, seoelite etc. Best results will depend on your keyword strategy.

4. Submit your sub-domain to paid inclusion services across Yahoo!, and any other among the top search engines submission services that offer paid inclusion.

5. Ensure that visitors when clicking through from your squeeze page are directed straight to the order page for the affiliate product you recommend.

6. As an agent (affiliate marketer) you are advised to treat this product as if you’re seriously involved and responsible for its existence. Give this view to your visitor. (I am not saying you must lie, just represent well what you sell!)

7. Your savings in promotional expense will increase dramatically from paid inclusion based on your keyword strategy. I would suggest the one month subscription at wordtracker for your keyword targeting .

8. If you still insist on using Google AdWords, use site targeting instead employing the demographic advertising method. and

(9) Join the “inner circle” by sending “hot offers” to their ezine lists. Every Super Affiliate has a list, advertise where they advertise. This gives perceived value to your offer.

Use PPC, CPA, AdWords etc. On Products You Own

Exactly! Promote products you own or have 100% resale rights to using pay for performance strategies to advertise.

Why? The same defeating reasons mentioned in the “Death of ClickBank…” issues above. This way you can control how, when and where you make money and it is easier to care for the needs of the buyer thus reducing charge backs and refunds which the merchants can’t guarantee.

And again, selling products you have 100% right to earn you will be able to use the option of being paid “instantly” as there are payment processors that pay within 24 to 72 hours of the transaction.

Getting PLR or MRR these days is not difficult now that we are in the information age as these offers incidentally are sent to your email box

every day!

So, the best profit strategy is to cut your expense, grow your customer base and enhance the value of your product to meet changing demands.

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