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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

While Pay Per Click Gurus talk about how small differences in ads can swing big doors – small changes in punctuation or verbs.

For some they are right. The typical PPC marketer has other obstacles to overcome before ‘does the ad need a comma or an exclamation point there’ in order to really be able to play the PPC game.

Barrier #1: Inadequate economics in order to play the game in the first place

PPC is only one way to access a given market. Your business needs to be able to offset the costs of the clicks in order to be able to play the PPC game. Google rewards you for writing better ads by lowering bid price. However it is the profits on what you are selling that actually make all the difference.

It is vitally important to mystery shop your competitors – you might think you are competing against a $59 introductory product but behind that there may be a $397 up sell. If you don’t have one there is an opportunity there. But also it means that their economics are different to what you thought – they can spend more to get a customer.

Barrier #2: No focus on conversion

Conversion is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter so much how many you get to a given place, how many eyeballs you garner, etc. What matters is how many respond and ultimately buy. Pay very careful attention to the conversion aspect. The PPC ad itself, the landing page the follow up and the sales mechanism… These are all opportunities to radically improve conversion. The way the maths stack up its amazing the difference this can make.

Conversion is more important than traffic. It allows you to affordably buy more traffic. Any idiot can write a check and buy traffic. It takes a genius to write a check and make more back from the traffic than what they spent.

Barrier 3: Ad Quality.

PPC ads are sold as units of space. You can buy this piece of ‘virtual land’ for X. What you put on that ‘land’ is up to you. This is where being able to create an ad that generates clicks comes into its own. I’m making a note of this because I have done some work with a client recently who keeps doing the same thing on his piece of ‘virtual land.’

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ’20 years experience.’ the next question to ask is it 1 years experience 20 times or is it actually 20 years experience 1 time. The former can be gotten in a year… so don’t let tenure fool you.

Back to the client – he keeps testing variations of the same ad over and over. Never writes anything fresh. He might be right on the money or leaving money on the table, who knows – it’s time to test some other ads.

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