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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Business owners are recognizing that you can’t put up a page on Facebook in a few minutes and expect to see the business come rolling in. It would be nice if you could spend just 5 minutes, input a few key pieces of information, and tap into the 500+ million person community but it’s not reality. Getting results for your business on Facebook requires a marketing strategy, growing a base of raving fans, and consistently adding value.

To help get those raving fans connecting with you quickly we invite you to consider putting a fan page into action that has a marketing landing tab. This tab will be the first page a visitor sees when they hit your fan page. The right landing tab will achieve conversion rates upwards of 40% (meaning 4 out of every 10 strangers will feel compelled to click “like”). On the other end of the equation, a poor landing tab, or sending them to your wall, could cost you thousands.

While there are a dozen different elements that you can put into action for your landing tab to have success, we invite you to consider avoiding the following traps.

  1. My Marketing Landing Tab Should Look Like My Website – You have likely invested thousands in your website and blog, why not take those same graphics and layout to your fan page right? Wrong! Facebook is a different conversation. While you still want to compel prospects to take action and engage with your business, if they wanted your website, they would go to your website. Give the user a different experience, invite them into your conversation, let them know how you will add value to them when they click “like”.
  2. My Fan Page Should be About Me – This marketing mistake is one of the most commonly made. Unless you are a major celebrity (Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, etc) your fan page better share pique interest quickly. Your landing tab should avoid talking about you, it should share with the user what they will get by connecting with you.
  3. My Fan Page Should Have an Optin Form – Getting more information from your fans/friends is great, when the time is right. Presenting those fresh new visitors with the opportunity to click “like” AND an optin form at the same time is confusing. Keep the focus on getting the user to click “like” and watch your fan count grow quickly. If you want name and email info for your database reveal to them an optin form AFTER they click “like”.

When your marketing landing looks different than your website, focuses on your target market, and compels the user to click “like” you will be on your way to having a powerful marketing machine on Facebook.

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