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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Here’s how it works:

Pay Per Click marketing is a campaign where your advertisement is placed in the search results pages. These ads appear according to keyword usage. The positioning of the ad differs from one search engine to another, but all Pay Per Click ads appear on the search engine results page when the keyword bid on is used in the query. Typically, you pay the search engine depending on the number of clicks from visitors using that search engine.

The biggest benefit of Pay Per Click marketing is that you start getting immediate results. Pay Per Click marketing can generate clicks immediately. When you use Pay Per Click marketing, your ad starts displaying in Google, Yahoo, etc the moment you come to an agreement with them. There are terms of payment and other methods to ensure that Google, Yahoo etc rank your ads higher than your competitors and display them prominently.

With the modern technology is place, you can change your Pay Per Click ad depending on the country that you are advertising in. For example, you may be dealing in electronic equipment in the USA and Germany. You need to create different ads for these two countries, submit with the search engine and give them the instructions. For the same keyword search, the English ad will be displayed in the USA and the German ad will be displayed in Germany.

You can also decide when you want to display your ads. You may choose a particular season or even a specified time of the day. If you are in the business of Thanksgiving gifts then you can ensure that your ads are displayed around Thanksgiving Day. Experts can also analyze the hits that your Pay Per Click ads are generating and advise you on the best time for your ad to be displayed.

When it comes to cost, Pay Per Click marketing offers you great benefits. You don’t need to pay the search engines when they display your ads. You only need to pay when the link to your ad is clicked. Hence, it is easier to have a budget in place for your Pay Per Click marketing campaign. You can also specify different rates for different products. Depending on your advertising budget, you can also increase or decrease your payment rate to the search engine.

These are some of the advantages that a Pay Per Click marketing campaign can give you as an affiliate marketer. If you are clever and know how to utilize this campaign properly, you can do wonders with this without incurring too much cost.

4 Advantages of Pay Per Click Marketing