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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) can be a cost-effective way to drive additional traffic to your website. However, many small businesses tend to make some common mistakes that undermine their campaigns and don’t produce desired results. Though PPC campaign management sounds simple, many novices tend to miss the mark due to lack of a compelling message or targeting the wrong keywords for the campaign. We bring you 5 effective tips that will enhance your PPC management and deliver better ROI.

1. Focus On Exact Match Keywords

Although it is tempting to opt for broad match keywords and gain additional exposure, it also attracts irrelevant traffic to your website, costing you money. When you select broad match, your ad will appear not just for the keyword, but also any other phrase with relevant variations. If you are on a tight budget and need tangible results from your PPC campaign, it is best to stick with phrase and exact match keywords.

2. Placement Relevance in Search Engines and Content Ads

You have an opportunity to place your ad in search engines like Google as well as websites like Facebook which display PPC ads within blocks on their pages. Many PPC management services tend to create the exact same copy, keywords and amount for each click in both the places. However, the queries and audiences are quite different in both networks and thus, it is better to customize your ads as per the network. Tailor your copy, keywords and bid separately for search engines and content ads.

3. Don’t Ignore Negative Keywords

If you’re on a low budget, this is an extremely useful tip. Every morning, try adding a few negative keywords to ensure that you are not spending money in irrelevant searches. This helps in controlling ad spend to a great extent. For e.g., if you are targeting ‘buy roman blinds online’, ‘Roman’ and ‘online’ can be designated as negative keywords.

4. Targeting Your Ad Campaigns Perfectly

With the right targeting, a PPC company can generate outstanding results for their clients. Some advertisers aren’t precise in their targeting and thus, tend to lose out on money and time. If you are targeting multiple countries, set up different ad groups for each country. If you are just targeting one country, limit your ads to single country placements. If you have a business within a particular area only, you can set up the zip codes where you deliver so that your ad will appear in those areas only. If timing of your service is important, you can also set up running ads for only a particular time of the day.

5. Optimize your Landing Pages

A strong ad copy that doesn’t match your landing page or worse, doesn’t lead to any strong call to action won’t help you get conversions. You need to optimize your landing pages as per your ad copy and keywords and test them regularly for effectiveness. You can experiment with various call-to-action phrases and see what brings the highest conversions. There is always room for improvement in your campaigns. Keep testing your copy and landing pages to ensure better results on a regular basis.

PPC can work in your favour if you follow these simple rules and tips for higher effectiveness. Keep track of your ROI in order to generate higher conversions and sales.

Good luck!

5 Golden Tips to Help Improve PPC Campaigns for Small Businesses