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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Generating traffic and income for an online business calls for advertising. With so many options out there, it can be confusing to decide which way to go. While targeted banner ad placement is an important consideration, Google provides some advertising options also worth exploring. Google AdWords advertising through the company itself or resellers makes sense for a variety of reasons.

The text-based advertisements used with the AdWords program can and do produce results. This option for driving traffic to websites is a sound choice for these reasons:

  1. Traffic – Google receives a tremendous amount of traffic every single day. Millions and millions of searches are performed from this site by Internet users the world over. While Google funnels its traffic toward websites and advertisements that are relevant to individual user’s searches, the targeting can prove extremely beneficial to advertisers.
  2. Cost – Google AdWords is a very cost-effective way to generate traffic for an online business. This type of advertising involves an activation fee that is relatively small and then cost-per-click expenses. The additional charge, however, doesn’t apply unless people actually click on and therefore respond to an advertisement.
  3. Conversions – The targeting that Google is able to provide can help increase conversions, i.e., sales for online businesses. When traffic is targeted toward a specific topic, the viewers are more inclined to convert as desired. This can result not only in an increase in traffic, but also ultimately sales.
  4. Ease – Working with Google AdWords is a relatively easy prospect for advertisers. These text-based ads can be self-produced with good results. Resellers, however, can provide advertisers with extra boosts, such as tracking assistance for better targeting and performance.
  5. Overall exposure – Even when ads don’t immediately convert into sales, the exposure Google can provide is hard to compete with. This search engine is the Internet’s largest and it does gain a tremendous amount of traffic. Ultimately, the exposure it provides can boost a business in the short-term and lead to long-term results, as well.

When a solid, cost-effective option is needed to advertise an online business, Google offers a simple vehicle that can produce big results. AdWords delivers a targeted audience that can easily translate into sales.

5 Reasons to Explore Google Advertising Options