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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Google AdWords is one of the marketing or advertising tools for online business. This tool became more popular because it can give instant result to the users. It can be use to test drive your products or your website. But most of the users fail to implement the good campaign due to lack of the knowledge of running up the AdWords campaign.

The most problem that the user faced are poor CTR and high CPC cost. This two major factor that can kill the user before they learn what is the AdWords all about. The factors that contribute to this two major problem are:

  1. Keywords not relevant to the ads
  2. Not enough cost for keywords to trigger that ads
  3. ads not relevant to the products.

To overcome this problem the user need to know how to running the AdWords campaign. There is a lot of website that offers the free tips in these matters but here that users will learn the six basic steps before they used the adwords.


What determine the success of the AdWords campaign is the goals. The users need to aim what they want by using this service and what the result they expected. By doing this the user will have the overview about the campaign.


This is the one element that gives the impact to users CTR and CPC. The users need to select the relevant keywords to trigger the ads. Please stay away from the crowd because it will cost you more for CPC.


With all the keywords in the list, the user need to create the ads base on the keywords that was selected. The ads need to have the brief about the product, benefits and lastly is call for action.

  1. CREATING THE Destination

Make sure the landing page or website is relevant to the ads. This will help to reduce waste of the clicks.

  1. Tracking the result

The best way to tweak the ads and keywords is by monitor the before and after. Assigns the unique link for different campaign for easy to trace the result.


The AdWords campaign is the continues tweaking process. Tweak the AdWords campaign until get the expected result and convert to the sales.

As a conclusion Google AdWords is the most powerful advertising tools for online business. It can deliver instant result and bring targeted traffics. But to master it need to have the knowledge on running up the campaign.

Here is the free resource for Google adwords:- []

6 Steps To Master Google Adwords