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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Affiliate marketing is truly one of the most powerful and

easiest models online to generate massive cash quickly, fact

is you can get started in minutes from now without the hassle

of creating your own products or websites.

While there’re many factors to consider in the affiliate

marketing business, one of the most critical questions I get

every time from newer marketers is always…

“Ewen, How Do I Promote My Affiliate Link?”

Here then are 7 powerful tactics you can use today to promote

any affiliate program with:

==> Tactic #1: Your Own Opt-In List

If you’ve your own existing opt-in list this would obviously

be the quickest way to start. However I’d like to provide you

with some ideas to maximize the response and results you

wouldn’t otherwise get if you never applied them.

It’s always a good tactic to provide some kind of time-sensitive

bonuses to entice your list to buy through your affiliate link.

It has always work and it’ll continue to work.

You should also do at least 3 follow-up mailings as statistics

have proven that you will get the most sales from your 2nd and

3rd mailings.

Now what if you don’t have your own list to begin with?

The most logical action would be to seriously consider building

your own money-making list without delay. A complete course to

build and profit from your own opt-in list is at


Alternatively a ‘second-rate’ method is to use…

==> Tactic #2: Other People’s Lists

What do I mean by this? One quick method to leverage on someone

else’s list is through ezine advertising, particularly with solo


As in all kinds of advertising, what you want to do besides

advertising the affiliate program is also to build your own

list. A simple way to do this while promoting the affiliate

program is by using a catchy one-two sentence signature file

after your name.

The best advertising you can get is to pre-qualified targeted

lists of like-minded people, especially people with money in

hand. While these are rare and even harder to identify, an

amazing resource can be found here


==> Tactic #3: Google AdWords

You can start promoting any affiliate program in less than 15

minutes with pay-per-click advertising, especially Goolge


Since Jan 6th 2005, there had been some changes to Google’s

policies regarding advertising of affiliate products on Google


Without going into boring details, you can still advertise

affiliate programs by using landing pages customized to the

affiliate program you’re promoting.

As I’ve provided in detail exactly how you can use Google

AdWords in “Striking Affiliate Gold”, I won’t repeat it again.

You can download a copy of the manual at

==> Tactic #4: Article Marketing

This is one tactic you got to get started on because it works.

I’ve made tons of affiliate sales purely from articles. In fact,

one of my articles generated over 25 affiliate sales in a little

over 3 days on autopilot.

The key to successful article writing is to provide real

information and tips.

Make sure it doesn’t sound like an outright sales pitch. Any

recommendations you make should be added value to the article.

The recommendation should not be its main purpose.

Again I won’t be repeating information I’ve already covered.

If you’re interested in using articles as an affiliate

promotional weapon, download these two revealing reports I’ve



==> Tactic #5: Leverage On Your Existing Web Pages

There’re 3 main ways to go about doing this…

One is to simply promote your affiliate programs on highly

trafficked and relevant pages of your website. Check your

website statistics to see which pages visitors view the most.

These are great target areas for your promotions, especially

if they are relevant to the affiliate product in question.

Two, recommend affiliate products on your thank you pages.

After a visitor has made a purchase from you or sign up for

your ezine, all you’ve to do is add in a short recommendation

of an affiliate product prominently on the thank you page.

Third, use your custom error (404) pages as affiliate marketing

tools. This is the page that shows up when visitors enter a

wrong URL or extension, there’s no point in wasting this space

so why not use it to promote an affiliate product?

==> Tactic #6: Capture Exit Traffic On Demand

You can quickly make extra affiliate sales just by using an

exit window or pop up window to promote your affiliate programs.

While there’re popup killers out there, you’ll be surprised just

how many percent of people actually install them – I don’t.

Fact is, pop ups, especially exit pop ups still produce good

results. Stick with one tasteful pop-up targeted to your

visitors and you’ll see great results.

==> Tactic #7: Other Quick And Simple Tips

Recommend affiliate products in your ‘thank you emails’.

This is a no-brainer, whether you’re saying thanks for joining

your ezine or for buying a product, always give your email

recipients an affiliate recommendation for a targeted product

you’ve personally found useful.

You can also create autoresponder courses on topics related

to the affiliate program you’re promoting as a form of follow-up


That’s it for now and I hope this article has been useful.

If you’re interested, you can read the FULL article at


Go and profit from your affiliate programs with confidence!

7 Powerful Tactics To Promote Any Affiliate Program Instantly