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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

If you had been working in the pay per click world at all, you have probably heard of speed PPC. If you are new to pay per click, SpeedPPC, which was released in mid-2007, is a tool for rapidly building Very tightly focused, high Quality Score ad campaigns.

The newest version, V3, will be released on April 8. I had the opportunity to talk with Jay Stockwell, the developer, and test the beta development of this new version.

The company seems to have listened to its users, and added a raft of features that had been talked about on the forums.

The core of the system is the Campaign Builder, and that seems to have gotten a lot of attention in the new version. Among the functions that seemed to have been improved or added, the “Advanced Ad Builder” will likely be the most immediately useful for current users. This function takes your headlines, copy and display URL’s, and combines them into ads representing every possible combination. This has the potential to save a considerable amount of time in building and testing ads.

Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) support, which had been a lively topic on the forums, has been bolstered with faster campaign building and export.

The interface has been changed somewhat, and it seems that some features and functions which were not very obvious or accessible in the earlier version, are now more visible.

I also noticed improvements in the data feed integration.

It’s worth pointing out as well that the company seems to have addressed the lack of attention paid to training materials. The user guide seems to have been updated, and is now supported by over 10 video tutorials.

Speed PPC provided features and functionality that were previously unachievable. While it remains to be seen whether the new version will create as much buzz as it did when it first came out, it is gratifying to know that the company doesn’t seem to be resting on its laurels.

If you use pay per click advertising, or search marketing in any serious way, it’s important to understand the concepts behind this program, in particular how it goes about creating high Quality Scores [], and narrowly focused adgroups.

A Review of the SpeedPPC Version 3 PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Tool