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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Back in 2004, I wish I knew what I know now. I would start up a campaign and I would receive a significant amount of traffic, but it just wouldn’t convert!

After I began niche marketing, my challenge was always to find highly converting products to promote. If the traffic is high for one niche, chances are that the competition is going to be high as well. If the competition for one niche is low, chances are the traffic is pretty low as well.

So here we are with this common dilemma: Find niches that have some traffic, have low competition and convert like mad.

So we turn to Clickbank affiliate programs. Page 10 of the clickbank marketplace is where an obscure product is selling with 16 gravity, looks like something that is alone in the marketing world, with traffic you absolutely know exists: What do we do? We set up a 5 adgroup AdWords campaign, use the main keywords and watch the clicks come in. You check your Clickbank account after 45 minutes and you are amazed that 3 sales came in and you look forward to expanding the campaign.

I have tried to launch other products that looked like they would convert like hotcakes, only to find myself in a sea of opposition being forced to pay an arm & a leg for exposure or find myself in the way back without being seen. After paying more per click and getting the traffic, I see people clicking & not buying because it is such a large niche, large product, people are familiar with it, they may have an account already, they may have had an account in the past, etc.

Clickbank has quick & easy high converting digital products, good payouts and recently implemented recurring billing and trials, so you may stumble into a goldmine.

As you may already know, to make money with clickbank affiliate programs is like driving fast with a ferrari. Clickbank is a highly competitive marketplace like no other. The engineering of the tracking and the payment system is top notch, completely errorless, and they have state of the art tools and analytics.

Like other offers online, you will run into your own challenges with Clickbank. A “high selling” Clickbank product with 400 gravity is usually not the best idea. It will be darn hard to sell with an overload of competition. Sure, there probably is a reason for the high gravity, high sales, but you most likely missed the boat, your probably too late to cash in with a high selling product.

The solution? Find smaller niches on Clickbank! Hip hop beats affiliate programs, Marine bootcamp guides, How to get your girl back, etc. Smaller, more obscure niches do not have as much competition. Sometimes they convert much, much better as well. They convert, they do not have competition, and some of them even have significant traffic! There are a few Clickbank affiliate programs that have continued to produce incredible products for everyday marketers to promote and make a lot of money with. It is important to find a clickbank affiliate program that cares about your efforts, and not just about producing products in niches that have a lot of traffic, but are impossible to sell.

A Secret Clickbank Affiliate Program