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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There is no faster way to drive targeted traffic to your website than with a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign.

For instance, with Google AdWords, you can literally start driving targeted traffic to your website and making money in just a matter of minutes.

Does PPC advertising work? Yes and no. For some, it works extremely well. For the vast majority though, PPC advertising simply leads to frustration and money down the drain.

So, what's the problem? Actually, there are two main problems:

1. Inexperienced marketers who do not have a clue about how to write ads that will enable them to get the most out of their PPC advertising campaign.

2. Ineffective landing pages. Again, inexperienced marketers do not know how to write a landing page that will convert visitors into sales.

Because of the "pie in the sky" climate of Internet marketing, many marketers have a fatal "get rich click" mentality, because of what they've read in some e-book.

They want instant gratification – that magic pill if you will.

They're not interested in taking the time to learn how to do things the right way. So, they throw a bunch of money at a PPC ad campaign, fall flat on their face and then come away convinced that Internet marketing does not work and is nothing but a scam.

Well, having used PPC advertising successfully myself, I'm here to tell you, it does work. You're just not doing it right. And if you're an inexperienced marketer who would like to know a little trick to writing effective PPC ads, then listen up.

Go to Google and type in the keyword phrase "Internet Marketing," or any keyword phrase your interested in. When Google brings back the results, study all the website descriptions on the first two or three page of results.

Why? Because for the most part, all of those descriptions are written by marketers who know what they're doing. And their descriptions are written to attract the attention of Internet browsers scanning the descriptions.

In other words, their website descriptions are nothing more than classified ads, if you will – designed to entice you to click on the URL.

Carefully study the descriptions. Especially study the ones that attract your attention. Study how they're worded. Try and figure out what attracted you to a particular description.

Click on a few on the URL's. Check out their landing pages. Study how they're worded as well. Take your time and learn from these top websites.

Then go and write a few ads based on what you learned. And keep writing, until you come up with something similar to the descriptions that attracted your attention. I can not stress this enough. Study, DO NOT COPY verbatim, someone else's website description.

It's just not a very ethical thing to do. There are enough unethical marketers already on the Internet. Do not add to the problem.

In closing, if you follow the aforementioned instruction, it'll hasten your learning curve and you'll find yourself writing more effective PPC ads in no time!

A Slick Pay-Per-Click Trick