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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There are many advantages of pay per click marketing, but there are also some disadvantages of the same that you should be aware of. The main advantages of pay per click marketing are-

Instant increase in traffic: This strategy of pay per click marketing works marvels because the advertisement gets displayed on networks as it is set up. So this implies that you get visitors within minutes and no other strategies tend to match up with PPC marketing. There are various other methods that actually take weeks or even months to show effect. However, with PPC you can get visible results within a few minutes and hours.

Controlling the ad: Through the method of PPC marketing one can choose when your ad should be displayed, and also determine the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for particular keyword. There are options of choosing the daily budget and one can also track and monitor the results given through ads. You can modify the results accordingly.

Targeting visitors: Through PPC marketing, you can benefit by getting visitors, who are already looking, for similar kinds of product or websites. Hence, the advertisement would offer you with relevant keywords that are focused only on highly targeted visitors that may convert into customers.

Paying only for one click- Another benefit of pay per click marketing is that you have to pay only for one click. There are no additional charges for any kinds of ad impressions or ad view. Hence, there is a need to pay only when somebody clicks your ad and there are no charges for display.

Easy usage- Even the newbie's can easily set up and use the pay per click marketing campaigns within minutes. The easy usage ensures additional benefits for all investors.

Disadvantages of pay per click marketing

Paid marketing- This pay per click marketing service is not for free and so one needs a separate budget. It can be a big disadvantage for all the small business owners, and those who are starting with lower budgets.

Traffic lasts till you pay-In pay per click marketing the visitors come only through click. So you need to pay for each click and the traffic stops coming in as the campaign stops.

Experience- Setting up would require some expertise as there are chances of very high losses in the initial days.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay Per Click Marketing