Affiliate Marketing Doesn't Make Cents - It Makes Dollars!
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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

If you’ve been struggling, like many of us, to make any real money through PPC (Pay Per Click) networks like Google AdSense and Chikita, perhaps it’s time you consider Affiliate Marketing as a viable source of earning revenue with your blog or website. Sure, it does take a bit of research and work, but the potential gains can well be worth it.

Are you tired of making pennies with Pay Per Click (PPC)?

As website owners and bloggers, we work hard to provide useful, relevant content to our visitors and even harder to get visitors to our sites. Many, although not all, of us do it simply out of enjoyment. We are passionate about our subject (or subjects) and find satisfaction in sharing our passion, knowledge and experiences with others. But, whether you are a hobbyist or entrepreneur, earning a revenue from your site or blog, through honest and legitimate means, isn’t a crime.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You spend countless hours every week writing or digging up fresh content for your website or blog…
  • You read every book, blog or article about SEO and web design or development you come across…
  • You struggle daily to build backlinks and grow your social networks like Twitter and Facebook to try and increase traffic to your site…
  • You research, analyze and cross check keywords until you can’t see straight to try and gain some footing in the search engines…
  • You tweak and fine tune your site design, navigation, layout and placement every other week to improve your site visitors’ experience…
  • You try any and all means of improving the lines of communication between yourself and visitors to your site by providing contact forms, feedback forms, social bookmarking, newsletters, email campaigns and more…
  • You target relevant advertisements, tweak ad placement, layout and styles every other week…
  • You pour over your site analytics every night to see what’s working and what needs fixing…


  • After all this, your site or blog starts getting some acceptable levels of traffic and your AdSense CTR is a respectable 1%-6% and you’re pleased with yourself, as you’ve every right to be…
  • BUT
  • As you look over your AdSense earnings for the day, you can’t help but be discouraged! $0.63 for 12 clicks? How can that be?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, many of us are in the same boat! And I have to tell you, it is disheartening! And reading about all these “online” experts making a living online just adds salt to the wound. Of course, a lot of these self proclaimed “online gurus” that profess to be making big money are simply trying to swindle you out of yours.

Affiliate Marketing – Big Money Myth Or Fact?

But, to be fair, there are quite a lot of people who actually are earning a living, even making big money, online. And, to be fair, they may make some money through AdSense or Chikita ads – although their sites get more traffic in a day than any of mine get in 6 months. But that’s not where they make the bulk of their money! Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is about making money promoting and selling other people’s products and services and the potential to make money online is huge. You probably already know a little about Affiliate marketing. Perhaps you’ve even joined an Affiliate Network (or 2) such as ClickBank or Commission Junction and have tried to promote a few products. But, again, if you’re story is anything like mine – that hasn’t worked out incredibly well either!

As I was saying, I really am passionate about my sites and the topics I write about – which is important, I think. I also think about how great it would be if I could earn enough from my “hobby” to do it full time although, presently, I would be happy to simply net a small profit after expenses. Which is why I’ve started looking at Affiliate Marketing in earnest. It simply makes more sense (or cents if you’ll pardon the pun!). You see, I wrote an article about how to target keywords with a high CPC (cost per click) to try and maximize your AdSense profit. And in theory, it works. Unfortunately, the whole PPC (pay per click) market is a bit convoluted and gives you, the publisher, very little control over which ads are served on your site even if you are targeting profitable keywords. Sadly, smaller sites with lower traffic tend to get served the bargain basement ads that only pay a few pennies per click. And that is why, try as you might, you may find it hard to make any decent money from PPC unless you’re getting thousands of visitors every day.

Why Affiliate Marketing Makes Sense!

The upside of Affiliate Marketing is that YOU get to choose what products or services to promote. This way, you have more control over how well the ads you serve align with your content AND your visitors’ needs. In addition, most affiliates provide decent commissions on sales and/or generous payouts for leads. Generally, commissions can run anywhere from 2% – 100% on a sale, some with recurring income whereas leads can net you anywhere from $0.25 – a few dollars. By closely matching affiliate products and services to you your guests’ interests and needs, a single sale could potentially earn you more than a good month with AdSense.

So why isn’t everyone serving Affiliate Ads instead of AdSense? Affiliate Marketing can be profitable but it does require more work than AdSense. In addition, Affiliate Marketing is a PPA (pay per action) system which means that you won’t get paid when visitors click and ad – only when they perform certain actions such as fill a form, complete a survey or a purchase. You have to research and select affiliate products or services that work well with your content. You have to manually place your ads. You may want to write some “pre sell” ad copy to help market your affiliate product. You should buy and test your selected product or service before attempting to promote it. You might even consider investing in a PPC campaign of your own to drive traffic to your product or service. In the end, it requires yet more time and potentially some money to really make a difference in your bank account. But you shouldn’t let this last bit discourage you from considering Affiliate Marketing. I know from experience that it works quite well.

As I mentioned earlier, I read just about every book, blog or article about Websites, blogging, web development, SEO, PPC through AdSense or Chikita, and everything in between trying to learn as much about my passion and hobby – building and developing websites. And I finally found one book about Affiliate Marketing that is worth reading. Not only does it provide tons of honest information about Affiliate Marketing – it also provides you with a plan.

To find out more, I suggest you visit Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate site. Rosalind is one of the first and foremost experts in affiliate marketing. You can read a review of her bestselling book here: Read the review! Or to get started right away, I suggest you check out ClickBank. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Make Cents – It Makes Dollars!

Affiliate Marketing Doesn't Make Cents - It Makes Dollars!