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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

For this affiliate program review I'm going to tell you about 'The Wealthy Affiliate' affiliate program and why it's one of my favorite and most profitable programs. First of all I'll explain what the Wealthy Affiliate University is and what services they provide before moving on to the affiliate program review.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is probably the most well known place on the internet to gain knowledge of Affiliate Marketing. Their resources are second to none and are continuously being updated. The learning center offers specific courses on article marketing, pay per click marketing and email marketing. There are thousands of other videos and tutorials that can take you from beginner to advanced. You also get access to research tools, a website builder and a community forum where just about any question you have will get answered. There are tons of other useful tools I should tell you about, but in short this website is an amazing place for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. And with a monthly subscription fee of $ 39 it is incredible value for anyone who takes advantage of their teachings. This is why I have chosen it for my affiliate program review, plus they offer a 30 day money back guarantee to further entice people to join.

Ok, so now for the affiliate program review. Basically, the previous paragraph should have given you an insight into how good the Wealthy Affiliate website is, and that's the first selling point. It's an incredible product that is well worth $ 39 per month. Most internet marketers who find out about this site will want to become a member and will probably remain a member for several months.

The Wealthy Affiliate University not only trains you to get new members, they also pay you $ 20 for each member you refer and a further $ 20 for each month that they remain a member! Trust me that can add up to some serious monthly income!

It's basically an excellent site that really benefits 'would be' affiliate marketers and even season pros who increase their income. That means it's really easy to refer people. Just point them in the right direction and let them decide whether they want to join or not. If they decide not to, then they are clearly not serious about their affiliate marketing endeavors!

If you're a member of Wealthy Affiliate you have access to various different landing pages and custom websites where you can point your visitor to, depending on what your angle is. They also provide lots of banners to use although they are the first to point out that banners do not convert very well compared to their other methods that they teach. They also provide many tutorials structured around promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Program Review