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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

PPC or pay per click is another form of advertising which can be done on search engines, ad networks, and websites or blogs. Pay per click is when an advertiser only pays for clicks to his or her website. Once the advertiser finds the site she wants to advertise on, they then bid on search terms or keywords that they think people will search for on search engines. Example, if you have a website about food, or offer food products such as cook books, wine, food items, kitchen gadgets etc, then you would bid on relevant keywords to those words, or make those words your exact keywords. A good example of this would be Google AdSense. Publishers can earn money by putting ads on their sites, and you the advertiser have a chance of your ad being put on the ads. Only when a user clicks these ads will the advertiser have to pay, which is why its called pay per click. Minimum prices per click depends on the site you decide to advertise with. Usually the lowest bid allowed is $ 0.01. The site where the advertiser would buy the bids would be on AdWords.

There are also other pay per programs that may be better suited for you. These pay per programs include Pay Per Call, Pay Per Delivery, Pay Per Action, Pay Per Lead, and even Pay Per Listen. You can use any or all of these advertising programs to get more visitors to your site, visitors that are looking specifically for whatever it is your promoting or selling. Your best bet is to do a search on "PPC Advertising" and before you pick a site do some research, find some reviews. Ask about them in the forums you goto. See what types of sites get the best bids, the best results, etc. There are tons of sites out there that will be happy for you to register as an advertiser or a publisher. Some are legit, some are not. Choose carefully. Another small tip I can give you from personal experience, is if and when you find a PPC site or ANY pay per site, and its your first time using the site, use a small amount of money before you get into really LARGE campaigns. This way you can safely test the site out with out really losing too much money in the process.

Here are examples of some legit sites where you can buy bids as an advertiser, some of these are better suited for PPC others are better suited for Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Action. Google AdWords, Bidvertiser, Adbrite, Yahoo! Search, Microsoft Adcenter, LookSmart, Amazon. Other good sites to try to advertise on are Social Networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, Moli, etc. Usually Social Networking sites are a huge cost though but you can be sure it will be worth it. MySpace alone has over 200 million members, thats a lot of eyes just waiting to view your ads! Good luck with your bidding, I hope you all found that this article gave you some good ideas on what PPC is and how to go about it when searching for sites to put your ads on.

An Introduction to the World of PPC Advertising