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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

According to the latest analytic report, more than 72% of small or large business owners prefer PPC (Pay Per Click) services over search engine optimization to make their business successful in a short period of time. However, running a PPC campaign is not as easy as it seems if you do not have a good understanding of PPC. Even the most seasoned online marketing firms have failed in getting tremendous benefits using this online marketing method.

Those who have good knowledge and information about PPC marketing benefited tremendously from running a PPC campaign. They do not achieve the benefits because of luck, but because of effective and innovative strategies.

If you want that your PPC ad will take your business to a new height of success, avoid these five mistakes to get the desired result.

No keyword planning

The most common blooper that many people made is starting an ad campaign with too many keywords. When using too many keywords, there is a great chance that you are going to get too many impressions which can result in a lower click through rate. It affects a lot to Google AdWords advertisers as the click through rate affect the quality score, which in turn affects how much you are going to be paying per click. In other words, using too many keywords will cost you more than what you get from running PPC ads.

Instead of using too many keywords, you should utilize only those keywords that are relevant to your website. You can utilize Google AdWords tools to find relevant and effective keywords for your PPC ad campaign.

Poor Ad Copy

If Google finds that the content used in your PPC ad is not matched with your search keywords, a higher minimum CPC (cost-per-click) may be imposed. In addition, your ad copy can also affect your ad ranking and the number of impressions. So, it becomes vital to make an effective ad copy for your online promotional need.

Poor landing page

When it comes to selecting a landing page design, you need to choose good quality and content rich landing page to get your product noticed by a large number of targeted consumers. Moreover, you also need to ensure that your landing page is as per the guidelines of the PPC platform you are using. In short, you need to choose landing pages that have links to a contact page, a privacy page, a term and condition page and a disclaimer.

Improper keyword combinations in keyword groups

Google checks the keyword combination you used for your campaign and compare it with your PPC ad. This will not only affect your ad ranking, but also the number of impressions shown for every keyword.

Poor product selection

In order to make your PPC ad successful, you need to choose a product that people love to buy. If your product is not something that people love to have, then your PPC campaign will not provide the result you are looking for.


Keeping these factors in your mind will help you in getting an incredible benefit from PPC marketing services.

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes to Benefit Tremendously From PPC Marketing Services