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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

You make have came here looking for the best pay per click affiliate programs you could find but I am sad to tell you that there is no such thing. The best is simply the one that makes you money. That’s it. The problem is too many people get started and then end up losing money because they really have no idea what they are doing. They put together a generic ad then place in their links, set a daily budget and hope for the best. Sound familiar? That is not how you want to go about using pay per click ads. Once you learn how to use it properly they will all seem like the best.

There is one thing you must understand when you are a pay per click affiliate. They are plenty of people out there who are doing the exactly thing you are even promoting the same type of things. What make your advertising stand out from all the rest? Does it catch a visitors eye? Does it make them curious to see what is behind the link? And if they do click your ads will they get what was promised in the advertising? These are things that you must find out first before you commit with a big budget.

Many pay per click programs offer you test keyword phrases and possible ad copy to use but those will be used by just about everyone. Do you research first about what you are promoting so you can find what kind of people would be interested in what you are offering. Check to see if their are any forums or niche social media sites who are in need of the product or service. Once you see what keywords they are using you can then tailor your ads to match. If your new keywords do not match your links content then simply create a landing page that does. That way your ad will seem more relevant.

Check out the other pay per click program ads that are pushing the same type of product or service and see what could motivate you to click their ads. A clever ad almost begs to be clicked. It gets your juices flowing and you must see more. That is what your ads must do if you want to be a successful pay per click affiliate. Make it shocking but without over exaggerating. Controversial but not offensive. When your ad comes up you must get their attention fast. The more your ads get clicked the cheaper your cost per click will become over time giving you more bang for the buck. Search engines do not want to waste space by placing ads that will simply get ignored.

Now take a close look at what your visitors will see when they click your ad. Your ad must match what you are promoting. Do not try to trick them by advertising one thing then sending them some place else. This is a sure fire way for your campaigns to fail. People do not want to be tricked. Give them what you advertised.

As you can see the best pay per click affiliate programs start with trial and error. Proper testing will be required with any program you choose. Once you find out what works just repeat the process with all your other campaigns.

Best Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs