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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

If you’re even in doubt on this, you had better get back to the movies buddy. You’re probably spending your well earned wages on pop corn and soda while driving your girlfriend around in an old beat-up Volkswagen Beetle.

I mean ok, we’re clear on the Matrix thing, but just who the hell is Keanu Reeves? If you mention Matrix on the Internet, the anwer’s simple. My Guru.

Who is My Guru?

Like I said buddy…go back to the movies and pop-corn, cause you’re still going to be driving that beat-up old Beetle for a very long while indeed!

I was probably being a bit snobbish mentioning My Guru. I could of named Mike Joyner, already a web legend or Mike Filsaime the current web idol not to mention Armand Morand or even Yanik Siver for that matter. It’s just that My Guru is really cool…a bit like yours and quite honestly he is a lot smarter than these guys.

My Guru says that he’s a “wake-up in the morning and go to work” kinda guy just like you and me. There’s a slight difference though. Every morning he wakes up, his bank balance clicks-up another $60,000 dollars…and he hasn’t even prepared breakfast yet!

Now Keanu Reeves has to jump around in a full-length black leather jacket for two hours, blinded by a pair of weird sunglasses, to earn any money at all. Starting to get the picture fellows?

Keanu did three Matrix’s right? 3×2 =6 – Now keep this figure in mind as I move you along to My Guru’s matrix…

He says that with only 12 personal referrals and working with a bonus downline 5×5 Commissions Matrix, i.e you earn $5 on each subscription for five levels down. You would earn a staggering $49,788.00.

Is that clear Keanu? No leather jacket. No weird sunglasses.

Let’s see if we can make this a little more clearer. 12 referrals x $5 per referral= $60.00.

Now if your 12 referrals in turn, each get another 12 referrals( keep on using the power of 12 x $5 going downline 5 levels).

Your 5×5 downline matrix will earn you, on each level going down in turn =$4095 = $2,047.50 = $2,041.50 = $4,149.00 = $49,788.00. Now that’s if you only personally recruit 12 referrals!

I told you My Guru is a genius…a bit like yours I suppose?

So how come I’m sitting here writing this article, and you’re still stuck at the movies eating pop-corn?

Standing by what My Guru says, having a 5×5 downline matrix and only 18 referrals, we could earn $3,146,688.00 in one year! It’s that easy.

Or is it?

Problem is My Guru ( and yours) calculates with a machine. Click a few buttons and the figures just spill out fast and furiously. Nothing to it.

We, on the other hand, have to calculate with people x 12…five levels down, remember?

Now that’s not easy, I can tell you.

Once again My Guru’s top notch. He knows that too. So what he does is capture your email address with an autoresponder, on visiting his website. Then for thirty days and nights he hammers you with continuing emails, until the matrix makes so much sense, that you subscribe to his newsletter for $10 a month. Then you join his course to learn all about Butterfly Marketing. Never heard about it? You will…you will. Anyway it will set you back $1060,00, but you can pay per lesson, so that’s cool. You also use his autoresponders at $20 p.m. Plus he will sell you 5000 fresh leads at $30 per pack. He’ll host your website $25 p.m. and sell you a domain name $10.

Hey you’ll also need ad-trackers, url redirectors, banner rotatators,url rotators, multi-program downline builders,lead blasters,opt-in lists and a unique referral distribution system. OK he’ll throw in the whole lot for another $50 p.m. I mean My Guru’s going to assist you all the way on this one.

Do you know why?

Easy. Bring out the calculator again. Now add up your expense account. That’s it. $135 per month running costs, and you still don’t even know how to operate all this stuff. Not to mention the Butterfly thing…

You would have to get 27 personal referrals at $5 dollars to match My Guru’s $135 per month on you alone!

Now watch the bank manager smile, when My Guru earns 5 levels downline on $135 per month…I told he was a genius. Home business marketing belongs to the movers and shakers.

Now do understand why nobody knows or even cares about Keanu Reaves, on the Internet?

The superstars here go by other names. So you’d better learn them fast or go back to the movies in your beat-up Beetle.

The Matrix..?

Personally I thought it was a whole lot cheaper and much more entertaining at the movies. Bless you Keanu!

Butterfly Marketing and the Matrix: Keanu Reeves or My Guru?