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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Gathering up a list of the right keywords for a new pay-per-click campaign can be difficult. This is one simple method I use when selecting keywords for Google display advertising.

When you have set up an individual campaign to cover only your display advertising, choosing keywords for your text and banner ads is relatively easy.

Where to Find Keywords

Google offers a free keyword tool called Insights. This simply tool will tell you not only the top 10 searches for your chosen target market but will also tell you the top 10 fastest rising searches for your market. Twenty keywords per ad group are usually enough when beginning to test display advertising for your business.

How it Works

Since you reach out to your clients differently with display advertising, it is not imperative to find super focused keywords as it is with search marketing. The key with display is to advertise to people in your entire market and catch the ones interested. This method of marketing is very similar to outdoor billboard, radio, TV and newspaper advertising.

The first thing I do is select my broad keywords to reach all segments of my market. Let’s say you own a hardware store. You probable sell tools, fasteners, painting supplies etc. These would be your broad keywords; tools, fasteners, paint supplies. We would do this for every division of our services or product line.

Next, go to Google Insights and type in these keywords individually. Take the top search results and place them into your ad group then right a simply ad to let views know you have, tools, fasteners etc.


Choosing great keywords for your display campaigns is easier than ever when using Google Insights for your keyword research.

  • Choose broad match keywords that relate to each of your business segments
  • Paste into Google Insights, set filters and search
  • Download top 10 searches& p 10 rising searches into ad groups
  • Right simply broad focused ads such as “Paint Supplies on Sale Now – View Online Now”

Keep your display keywords and ad’s simply. Do not try to focus too deeply. Although your keywords tell Google what markets you want to advertise in, monitoring your budget, bids, conversions and managing your placements properly is where you need to focus your time. When using other keyword tools, other than Google Insights, limit your selection to around 25 keywords or less for best results.

Choosing Keywords for Your Google Display Campaigns