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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

A very quick history lesson; a hundred years ago, many advertisements had no headline. Or, they simply promoted product features.

In those days, advertisers simply listed features of a product or service, and just expected people to buy.

For example, if they were selling cars, Ford might say that their vehicle had six seats and a powerful engine. Those were features; aspects and characteristics of the item for sale. Features tell you what you actually get, or what the product physically is, not what it does for you.

It worked for a while. But then some smart advertisers figured out that if they pushed the benefits of their wares, rather than features, it worked better.

By clearly plating the benefits to the consumer of what they were selling, advertisers found they sold more stuff. Why?

By immediately seeing a benefit laid-out before them, an individual could immediately see what an item could do for them, without having to translate a product feature into a human benefit.

This vital lesson has stood the test of time and has proven response benefits in today's Google PPC ads. Keep this in mind when you're writing your ads, as it's critical;

– Benefits of your product or service should go in the first line of ad text

– Features should be placed in the second line of ad text

For example, let's say we wanted to advertise golf balls on Google. What we might start with, for the keyword 'golf balls,' is something like this;

Ultra Range Golf Balls

Massive 400 Yard Drives are Yours.

Here with Acme Rubber Coated Balls.

In the first line of ad text, we've stated the benefit (achieving 400 yard drives). And in the second line, we've stated a feature of the product that goes some way towards justifying how the benefit is possible.

Also note what we put the keyword (golf balls) in the headline, and in the display URL. This forces the keyword to show as bold in the headline, ad text and display URL.

Here's another ad, for the keyword, 'book printing'. One of the main benefits of a book printing service is that someone does the printing work for you. Quickly, and with little effort on your part.

So, let's try the following format;

The benefit is saving time with little effort. So let's place that in the first line.

Two features are quick, five-minute service and low prices. So those who go in the second line.

Our ad will look like look like this;

Easy Book Printing

Save Printing Time with Ease.

5 Minute Copies. Low Prices.

By the way, low prices in themselves are not a benefit, they're a feature. The human benefit of low prices is …. saving money.

What You Need to UNDERSTAND: There's a certain, well proven order that benefits and features should be placed in any PPC ad text. Disregard this advice at your peril!

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