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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Creating a profitable Facebook PPC campaign does not have to be difficult. In fact, it is one of the easiest PPC engines to make a profit on, mostly due to the ability to target your demographic. Below are a few important steps to creating a profitable Facebook campaign.

Affiliate Offer

If you’re just starting out, it would be wise to avoid high paying CPA offers. First of all, Facebook does not like rebills (Acai/Teeth Whitening/etc), so unless you want your account banned you should stick with lower paying legit offers like dating and e-mail/zip submits. Though these offers have lower payouts, they can still be quite profitable when expanded upon.

If you’re going to direct link, it would be a good idea to use an offer you can really target people for. For instance, a gift card offer having to do with the Jonas Brothers would be ideal because you can specifically target fans of the Jonas Brothers on Facebook.

Ad Image

The ad image you use is incredibly important. Don’t just upload a random picture and let Facebook resize it. Spend the time to rezise it to 110×80 and make sure it looks good. Sharpen it a bit. Use dark colors so the image stands out to the user and doesn’t blend in with the white Facebook background.

Ad Headline

You’ve got one chance to get your target to click on your ad. Your ad image is 50% of the appeal and your headline is the other 50%. Make sure it stands out and is straight to the point. You want to grab peoples’ attention.


Depending on what offer you chose, you’ll want to target the right group of people. An affective way to dtermine what demographic to target is by going to Quantcast and typing in the URL of your offer. This will tell you who the majority of the people are who visit the site. You want to target these people.

In Facebook, you can target based on age, sex, location, and keywords. Depending on your offer, you can target keywords related to it. These will be your prime candidates.


It is generally better to use CPC bidding until you get an idea of what your CPC  is going to be. Let your ad run for a little bit. get a good amount of impressions and clicks. Look at your CTR. If it is above %0.1, you’ll want to change this ad over to CPM, as you’ll be paying less that way. The higher your CTR, the more you can lower your bid. Get a CTR above %.3 and you’ll be paying pennies per click.

Creating a Profitable Facebook PPC Campaign