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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

SEO or PPC – Choose the right option for your business web site marketing When businesses start web site marketing or promotion, two main options help to achieve the goal, SEO (also referred as “organic optimization”) and PPC (also referred as “inorganic optimization”). Selecting the best option of these two is the first mile stone of any Internet Marketing Campaign.

PPC (Pay Per Click):

Pay Per Click involves online advertising on web sites, search engines and their related advertising networks, by bidding highly searched and product relevant keywords and appropriate creating ads. These ads are called “sponsored links” or “sponsored ads”, which generally appear to the right or on top of organic (natural) results of search engines. Advertiser needs to pay whenever user clicks on the ad in accordance with his bidding amount.PPC is the ideal option for highly funded adversting campaigns aiming to achieve visitors and targeted traffic within short duration, however involves more cost and risk involvement.

Edge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) over PPC :

· Guaranteed Clicks: Many Researches revealed that visitors in general prefer natural organic search links in comparison to PPC sponsored links.

· Long Term Traffic and ROI Benefit: Web site once ranked top in search engine’s organic results brings steady, long term traffic and in return ROI in contrast to short term traffic and ROI based ppc campaign.

· Less Risk and Cost Involvement: “Click Fraud” is the most concerned, risky and costlier affair for any PPC Campaign. SEO, in comparison involves zero or less risk and cost involvement.

· More Keyword Targeting: PPC facilitates bidding and ranking for limited set of keywords. SEO offers no such limitations on keyword targeting and ranking

· More Exposure and Wider Space Promotion: PPC Campaign is confined to pay-per-click search engines and its advertising networks. SEO promotion gives more exposure and wider space with RSS, Blogs, Social Search, News Articles, in addition to Search Engine placements.

In general ,SEO has major gains in comparison to PPC. However PPC can be considered for short duration in combination with long term and result -oriented seo promotion strategy.

Does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Have Edge Over PPC (Pay Per Click)?