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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Are Google work from home opportunities really legit? A lot of online buzz has been generated regarding the hundreds, or even thousands, of Google opportunities being offered today. Most of the buzz is negative, created by people who have lost tons of money behind these "opportunities". So, the question becomes can you make money with Google? The answer is absolutely!

The truth of the matter is that earning an income from Google has never been a scam. The only problem is that Google only offers 1 legitimate way that they endorse to make money with them, and that is through their Google AdSense Program.

What is Google AdSense and How Does it Work?

The Google AdSense Program is a FREE program, and offers a way for you to earn money and monetize your website by placing relevant Google ads onto your site. The ads are generated from Google's advertising network called AdWords. Google's AdWords Program is a multi-billion dollar industry. Google AdSense has allowed many website owners to earn extra income working from home.

If you did a search on Google right now for "Make money with Google", you will receive over 2.8 million results! Wow! That's an awful lot of search results dedicated to 1 legitimate Google Opportunity, right? Wrong! Most of these search results are actually scams. A lot of the so-called opportunities, such as Google Home Kit, Google Money Tree, Google Quick Cash, etc. – are scams. Using Google in their name is a marketing trick to get you to think that they are approved by Google. Google does not endorse any of these "opportunities". Most of these Google Work from Home Opportunities are really "how to" manuals and CD's created by online marketers. They are NOT actual Google Programs.

One popular such program is the Google home kit. The Google home kit is an online coaching, or marketing system, which shows you how to build a home based business through Google AdSense ads and affiliate marketing.

Developed by an online marketer, this system does have the opportunity for success, but it could be very difficult for the average newbie. Not only would you be responsible for building your own websites, but you would also be responsible for posting hundreds of articles or blogs to these websites. And do not forget about SEO (search engine optimization). It does not matter how many websites you own, or how many articles you write, if Google does not index your websites with a high search engine ranking, then you could spend countless hours working for nothing! There is an entire science dedicated to search engine optimization strategies, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and start studying.

When evaluating online "Google" programs, just remember that Google does not endorse any program, or hire individuals to work for home. Most of the Google opportunities you see online are "how to" manuals written by online marketers. The bottom line is that you can make money online with methods outlined in a FEW online marketing programs and strategies, but it's very difficult. We have explored some of the legitimate strategies in the next section. Just, remember that no program or strategy, no matter how much potential for success that it claims to have, is ever easy and fast. It takes time, a lot of time, to truly build a successful online business.

Earn Money With Google Work From Home Opportunities