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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Getting brand new, fresh Melaleuca leads doesn’t have to be hard. It honestly is pretty easy once you’ve figured out the formula. In this article I want to give you the “low down” on how you can completely dominate and get leads on a daily basis virtually effortlessly.

First of all, let me tell you that chasing your family and friends, or bothering your co-workers, or even handing out pamphlets is not the best way of marketing your business in my humble opinion. That stuff works for some people, but most people have a hard time becoming pushy sales people. Let me show you a method to get more Melaleuca leads without doing any of this stuff.

Step 1 – Create a ‘Capture’ Page – This one simple little page is going to be set up as your bait for the prospect who is looking into Melaleuca. It is seriously the best way to capture Melaleuca leads on auto-pilot. On this webpage you need to have three to four elements. They are:

1. A Strong Headline

2. 3-4 Bullets

3. An Email Opt-in form

1. The headline will capture your prospects attention by showing them that you have what they need. If for example, your prospect is a potential product customer, you can target a specific ailment they might be having. Say for example the problem is joint pain. So for this problem you’d make a headline like:

“Are You Suffering From Constant and Annoying Joint Pain? If You Are, This Might Be The Most Important Thing You Might Ever Read…”

See how it got the attention of that prospect? Next you need to bribe your prospect into giving you their email address.

How do you do that? You write bullets that let them know what you’re going to give them in exchange for their email address. This could easily be a free report on joint pain or something similar. What the point in all this? Well, after you give them the report on joint pain, you could easily recommend a product like replenex so they become a product customer.

So now, how are people going to see your page? Next step…

Step 2 – Marketing Your Capture Page – You could do this in a variety of ways. Things like Pay-Per-Click advertising, forum advertising, or even video advertising. Lets use video as an example. If for example you indeed are targeting joint pain sufferers, then first you need to find out what your potential customers are searching for when looking to solve their joint pain issues. You do this by using something called the Google Keyword Search Tool. It allows you to type in a word like “joint pain” and it lets you see what related keywords are getting a lot of searches in the search engine.

Now you can use these keywords to get in front of your customers! What you do now is make a video talking to your customers about joint pain, and submit it to sites like YouTube where you could insert the keywords you found with the search tool. So for example, you found that people are searching the phrase “joint pain relief”, you could submit a video title “2 Steps To Get Joint Pain Relief”. You see how I used the keywords in the title?

This is how simple it is to get Melaleuca leads all day long. And this is just one market! The joint pain market. You could easily do this for all the other ailments Melaleuca products target. You could even use these tactics to target people who are looking to make more money.

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