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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

In the last year, there’s been massive amount of buzz about how Facebook basically gave Google a swift kick in the face with the introduction, and now hugely popular, Facebook Ads. If you are not aware, there’s a big fight going on between the #1 most visited site on the planet (Google) and the #2 most visited site mentioned above. According to, comparing the unique monthly visitors for this last month, they are literally neck and neck. This has major implications for chiropractors looking to implement a chiropractic marketing campaign utilizing social media.

Did you know that now Facebook boasts well over 400 million active users now? Did you also know those users spend an average of 20-50 minutes on this massive powerhouse? That is incredible considering the average internet user spends less than ten seconds on a website at any give time! Never has their been an easier medium for chiropractors to use Facebook chiropractic marketing to get new patients and brand themselves as local experts that the community is able to know, like and trust.

To throw-in a morsel of controversy, Google deleted about 15,000 AdWords accounts in the last few months because, well, they could. Now, there were also a few other reasons why the accounts were canned. However, more than anything, this is a perfect example of Google waiving it’s big stick of power over the little guy.

As far as chiropractic marketing is concerned, I don’t recommend having your traffic coming from only one source. For the longest time, all the “gurus” have been talking about is Google, Google, Google! Why are they shoving this down the throat of many? Well, because it feeds most people’s ego when business get on the first page for any particular keyword. It’s also easy to proclaim yourself and expert once that has been accomplished and the average newbie online doesn’t really know any better.

It’s never a good idea to fall into the trap of keeping all of your eggs in the Google basket and focusing on them solely for your chiropractic website traffic. Are getting 1st page Google rankings nice to see? Yes, but many times it’s only a superficial “I’m better than you” thing that gives you tunnel vision so you overlook the other vast sources of traffic online. In fact, many of the online elite that have been making the most money from the internet fired Google a long time ago!

Facebook Ads for Chiropractic Marketing

In 2010 and beyond Facebook has the potential to get chiropractors tons of patients and make them truckloads of money with their easy-to-use, cheap promotion medium. Chiropractic marketing with Facebook Ads, in many instances, can be about 75% less expensive than what you would traditionally pay for on a regular Google AdWords cost-per-click basis! I’ve taken advantage of this in the last year for my practice and affiliate marketing endeavors.

Oh yeah, did I mention the traffic could be just as targeted, too? You can selectively target your chiropractic Facebook Ad to local cities around your area, you can set different age criteria, and you can even target potential new patients by key-word phrase. This is very good news for marketers, as you can just literally turn the traffic on and off each and every day. There is no need to wait weeks or even months for SEO to kick-in.

Here’s a quick tip you’ll want to utilize in your Facebook chiropractic marketing campaign. Since the ads on this network are a hybrid of image and text, you’ll want to definitely test out different images that are going to make others click them. I would recommend you strive for at least a 5% click-through-rate. Don’t worry, Facebook will track those stats for you so you can see. Have an image of you with a big smile, as this will make you appear friendly and approachable online.

To set the chiropractic Facebook Ad up, you’ll want to scroll all the way down to the bottom once you’re logged-in, then click the “advertising” text at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a new screen that will give you a few different options, one of them being to set-up an ad to promote either your Facebook Fan Page or your website.

Even for the technically challenged, this process is very simple. The sooner you strategically implement Facebook Ads in your chiropractic marketing arsenal, the more highly targeted website traffic and new patients you’ll have coming through your door. There are even sneaky little tricks that you can use to get a bunch of free exposure with their ads. We’ll go into those next time!

Facebook Ads For Chiropractic Marketing