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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a common internet marketing method in which promoters pay the server any time a given ad is clicked. Google PPC uses a program called AdWords to help individuals who want to place ads on the internet develop keywords for their ad groups. This is one of the most efficient tools around to increase online customer flow. Useful tips for improving your ads include:

• Taking note of your AdWords Quality Score

• Creating ad groups for every variety of merchandise available

• Scrutinizing how well your ads have done in the past

• Creating a good landing page

Paying attention to your ad’s AdWords Quality Score is a good way to keep cost-per-click, or CPC, down. The Quality Score measures how relevant the ad’s keywords are in relation to the ad text and the terms that searchers use. A higher Quality Score means that your ads will appear in superior spots in search results and CPC will be less.

Examining the ad’s text is just as important to Google PPC as paying attention the Quality Score. It is crucial to create ad groups for every variation of each product you sell. For example, if you sell twenty different kinds of designer picture albums, individual ad groups need to be constructed for each different type. There is no question that this will take a great deal of time, but taking the extra time will ensure that ads for the picture albums are better directed to internet users who will actually be interested in them.

Monitoring your ads’ past performance with Google PPC is also a good way to figure out what works. Weeding out ineffective keywords or updating them as time goes on will maintain your good standing in search results and will save you money as the CPC continues to stay low. Being sure to include both singular and plural forms of keywords in an ad group will also keep your ads in the top spots. Performing regular maintenance to the keywords you choose for your ad groups will also cause your Quality Score to remain high.

Most importantly, make sure that your landing page will encourage viewers to become active buyers. Make the information that users want easy to find. Few things are more irritating to internet searchers than finding a promising link that turns out to not suit their needs after all. Without a good landing page, you are just paying Google PPC to send users to your site, but without generating sales. Having happy customers is as important as making regular sales, and a clearly laid out landing page will often lead to a more pleasant experience for the user.

Four Tips for Google PPC