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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

For a lot of local Canadian companies establishing a pay per click campaign that is profitable, providing a high return on investment on their marketing spend, and steadily bring in leads (or sales for that matter) is more challenging than it needs to be. While there are many little things that you need to get a right for a pay per click campaign, it’s time to look at the bigger picture and focus on the two essentials you need get right.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

The one thing the internet is – is competitive. If you want to have success online you have to get your USP (or a.ka. as “unique selling proposition”) right. What is a unique selling proposition? Wikipedia has a great definition for it but if you want the short version – here it is. A unique selling proposition is a statement that differentiates you from your competitor. In essence, it’s what makes customers buy your product instead of the competitions. Ask yourself, why would your customer choose you over your competitor?

Why is so important to get your USP (unique selling proposition) right? If your ad doesn’t have a compelling call to action that differentiates you it will be hard to get a high click through rate. If you get a high through rate you’ll get a high quality score and ultimately you’ll have lower advertising costs. Your unique selling proposition is what will ultimately determine what your advertising costs are and whether you can make money off your advertising efforts.

Track Your Conversions

The second part which is critical to get right is properly tracking conversions. Whether its ecommerce sales or local lead generation, you have to be able to find out which keywords are generating leads and which aren’t. Ultimately, this will be if not the critical differentiator – one of the key ingredients as to whether or not you can successfully execute a pay per click campaign. Eliminating ad spend on the keywords that aren’t working is just as essential as increasing your spend on keywords that are working. While it may be obvious to some, it’s not to others: by focusing on eliminating ad spend on keywords that aren’t working you are opening up budget for those that are and thereby increasing the amount of conversions you get.

Ultimately, if you can focus on getting a unique selling proposition that beats your competitors and are able to track your conversions successfully and eliminate wasteful ad spend, you’re on your way to a successful campaign. While there’s a lot more that’s important to a successful pay per click campaign there are two critical areas that are vital to get right – without them the rest won’t be enough.

Getting Your Pay Per Click Campaign Firing