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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

For starters, to make good money from Google Adsense™ you need to optimise your website with top paying keywords. For Google™ to know what ads to serve on your site, it has to send a robot (software with specific instructions) to scan your site and know what it is all about (your website’s theme). On the basis of the results obtained from that scan (which takes a flash), Google™ will go ahead and serve you with ads that match your site’s content (Adsense).

This is where the much talked about top paying keywords come in. If the theme of your website is centred on a certain topic for example Holiday Tours, Google™ will serve ads on your site relating to holiday tours. So all you need to do is to find the top paying keywords for your niche and optimise them for your site. By optimising I mean using the keywords in your title, description and body (Note: Optimisation means more than this, it is fairly complex and I will save that discussion for another day).

But is that all? That all you need to do is to find top paying keywords, use them to optimise your site and you will be served with ads that will reward you a couple of dollars per click? Definitely not and I will tell you why. Let us use ‘Holiday Tours’ as our top paying keyword and let us assume that it pays $15 a click (bear in mind that there are keywords that cost up to $50 a click). Taking that keyword and using it to optimise your website does not necessarily mean that Google™ will serve you with ads that will earn you say $5 or $10 a click. Why?

Reason being that there are many advertisers who could be bidding for that keyword. Yes some could be paying $15, but again there are those who will pay as low as 5 cents for the same keyword. Now this is the trouble. Google™ could be serving you ads relevant to your theme, but those ads could be costing as low as 10 cents and hence low payouts. There are speculations as to what criteria Google™ uses to serve high paying keywords. Some say it is the age of you website, the older the better, some say the popularity, the higher the ranking the better. These once again are rumours and none of these guys work for Google™.

The lesson here is that do not think that all you need to do is to grab high paying keywords, use them to optimise your website and you will get high paying clicks. It takes more than that. And if that was the case, trust me, we could all be displaying high cost ads on our sites and earning thousands, but unfortunately it is not the case. So for those paying a premium for “high paying keywords”, you may want to think twice before you part with your hard earned dollar. In any case you can get high paying keywords for free, yes I mean without paying a cent.

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Google Adsense and Top Paying Keywords