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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There are lots of Opportunities available for you in internet. Most of the people who are using internet don’t know that making money in internet is very simple. The main problem is that, they don’t have a basic guide for ‘How to start?’ This article is all about creating a website and getting online Ads from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and placing it in your website. This is not some stupid jobs like checking mails, taking surveys, clicking some ads or sending spam emails.

Whether you are having your own website or you are having any idea to create a website, then you are having Opportunities to earn with your website through Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Ads. Creating a Website is not a big deal. You can easily earn 1000 dollars to 5000 dollars per month. There is no limit, even some popular websites are earning 3000 dollars per Day (It is for a Day!!! not for a Month).

You heard about these words “Google AdSense”, “Yahoo! Search Marketing”, “Microsoft adCenter”? Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft are the Search Engine Giants and now they are entered into the Online Ads. When you are searching in Google or Yahoo!, in the Top and Right side of the Search Result page you can see some special links called “Sponsored Result” or “Advertisement”, which is highlighted with some special background color.

What is that “Sponsored Results”?

Organizations like Google and Yahoo! are getting Ads from Advertisers with some keywords for those Ads. For example if an Advertiser giving Ad for his Book Shop, he also gives some keywords for that Ad, which is more relevant to the Book Shop. When some one searches in internet with the keywords provided by Advertiser, Search Engine will show the Advertisers link in the top of the result page with different background color.

Organizations like Google, Yahoo! came up with a new type of online Advertisement called “Pay per Click”. In “Pay per Click” Ads, Advertiser needs to pay only when somebody clicks on their Ads. Because of this, Advertisers no need to pay just to show their Ads in a website. While browsing if you noticed, in most of the websites you can see Google Ads.

Yes, you also can get these kinds of Ads from Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network and place it in your website. You no need to pay anything to get these Ads. You need to have a website, which may be your personal website or some informative website that is not a big matter.

Why I’m calling this Opportunity as “Smart Opportunity!”, because you no need to spend your whole time in this job. You are just need to spend some of your free time to create a website and place the Ads in your website. After that you no need to do much, the website will give you good revenue for ever. Your site will earn for you, even when you are sleeping.

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