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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

The Google AdWords Campaigns is one of the leading advertisement tools used on the Internet. It is a pay per click program run by the search networks like Google, Ask, MSN, Yahoo, and Netscape among others. The pay-per-click service utilizes keywords in carrying out information searches. The sponsored adverts that are carried by websites are usually charged per the number of ‘hits’ that are made because of that particular advert. The first step in utilizing the Google AdWords Campaigns is to identify the key words or phrases or their affiliates that can be targeted in the adverts. Wordtracker is a useful software in accomplishing this. Then the client can set up an account with the Google AdWords Campaigns which provides a package they will pay for according to their needs and those of their target clients. The ad matter or creative is then designed to accompany it before the advert is launched onto a network or search engine. By monitoring the Click through rate (CTR) of the Google AdWords Campaigns, the website host is able to track the performance of the ad campaigns.

The Google AdWords Campaigns uses some frequent terms that are important for users for Google AdWords management. Campaign is a word that includes different ad groups, which contain different ads, which target different keywords. Only a maximum of 25 campaigns can be created. Google AdWords Campaigns can be scheduled and can be used to target different countries or products. Ad groups contain different campaigns, which in turn, contain different keywords. Ads are specific creations that relay the message such as text Ads, Image Ads, Mobile WAP Ads which the user can create in the Ads section. Keywords are also the objects of focus in Google AdWords Management. They are the key terms related to the product or service being provided and advertised. Keywords can be broad, exact, phrase and negative words. The CPM is the cost per 1000 impression and is a Google AdWords service that accounts for the amount of times an ad is displayed on a particular website. If it is $50 dollars, for instance, the Ad will be displayed 1000 times for $50 dollars.

AdWords management is offered by search engine marketing agencies and consultancies as a business service. Currently Google has the Google Advertising Professionals program to certify these search engine management consultancies and ensure they have passed mandatory exams. For the do-it-yourself individuals and companies, AdWords Editor helps in AdWords management. Apart from increasing returns on advertising money, AdWords Editor easily enables customers to notice and navigate to an advert. Minimal traffic to a site may be an indicator that clients neither notice the website or the keywords, location and visibility of the website adverts is lacking. AdWords management will specifically entail managing campaigns using a tab provided by the Google AdWords service which controls the costs of campaigns, ad groups and keywords activities. The reports tab allows you to create customized, detailed reports of accounts, keywords or any other variable. The analytic tab provides you with advanced tools to manage your campaign results and other data while my account tab is a similar Google AdWords service that helps you manage personal information on the campaign.

Google AdWords Campaigns