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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Google AdWords affiliate marketing network acts as an intermediary between publishers and merchant programs in AdWords management. This arrangement allows network members to locate and join suitable programs, thus generating income from such arrangements. The arrangement allows for websites offering such programs to reach an unusually large audience indeed by promoting them on AdWords management to all the members participating in the network.

Google AdWords affiliate marketing, a Google AdWords company, joined the fray of team networks in 2008 when it acquired DoubleClick Performics. DoubleClick Performics creates opportunities for monetization, expansion and innovation in Google AdWords affiliate marketing. The Google AdWords company-owned DoubleClick Performics promises a commitment to over-deliver affiliate channel growth for advertisers and publishers.

Regular networks allow merchants to share proceeds of the sales revenue that merchants generate from visitors to the affiliate marketer’s site, or a visitor’s fee on the publisher’s site that completes an action (registering for a newsletter, buying something, etc.). Most merchant programs have an income-sharing model and not a fee-per-action model.

To merchants of goods or services, the Google AdWords company plays a crucial role in that they manage a variety of services which may include tracking of sales, reporting, payment processing and access to a large group of networks or publishers. For these groups, services and advantages include the simplified process of registration to one or numerous affiliate programs, reporting and payment aggregation.

Merchants in an affiliate network usually pay a fee to participate where as it is rare for networks to charge anything on the affiliates or publishers. Affiliate networks traditionally charge a fee from the merchant for the percentage of the commission paid to publishers.

While traditional networks (which pay a commission for every sale or action) are the norm, lead generation and CPA (cost per action also known as PPC – pay per click) networks also exist. The lead generation networks typically, in addition to performance-oriented promotions, offer CPM (cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click) based on display advertising. When affiliates or publishers work directly with a merchant, they are never able to negotiate higher terms because the volumes a single publisher can generate are few. The network acts as a go-between that serves the merchant and the affiliate well for a profit, even as it regulates tracking and reporting for all parties involved.

The Google AdWords company has targeted publishers who create fresh content, oversee loyalty and rewards programs, administer coupons and promotions, or conduct social media for the last couple of years for their Affiliate Marketing program and Google AdWords company management. Although its publisher bench mark qualification is high, becoming an affiliate marketer of the Google AdWords company is every publisher’s dream because of its vastness based on its giant clout in search engine supremacy and the AdSense model (not to be confused with Google AdWords affiliate marketing).

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