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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Traffic is great. Huge quantities of traffic are even better.

But compelling offers are where you seal the deal.

Today we will tap into a skill that EVERY website operator needs to master – creating offers that convert shoppers into buyers

Remember, first and foremost, customers couldn’t care less about your product or you’re pricing until they believe you understand.

Create an offer that is so compelling and unique that conversions (a call or an email) occur practically on instinct. Don’t be afraid to make strong offers that include a money back guarantee, discounts, and freebies, anything it takes to get gain their trust and show them how good your company is.

When your visitor arrives at your site, they’re most likely looking to solve a problem. Grab their attention and inspire them to share their contact information or place an order before they leave your website (and probably never come back). This is where compelling offers become the game-changer.

It’s a marriage proposal from your life long soul mate.

Now is the time to pull out all the stops and make your offer so enticing they stop looking and call you.

Google AdWords allows us to craft very specific offers to attract customers who need our product or service. When they see and click your compelling offer, they’ll arrive on your landing page. Address this need with a landing page headline and supporting offer that fulfills the promise of the ad they clicked on. Improved conversions are sure to follow. Here’s an example of a highly converting offer for an appliance repair service provider:

Our service fee to come to your home starts at just $XX.00 to diagnose the problem with your dishwasher. (Save $25.00 off any repair right now.) Before any repairs are made, we’ll quote you a firm, flat rate to repair the problem and get your dishes sparkling again.

No unpredictable hourly fees and no surprises. Don’t forget, after you receive the repair quote show your Technical Advisor this service coupon for an immediate $25.00 savings!

10 more reasons why The XXXXXXXXX is the first choice of thousands of (city) area customers:

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction in Writing
  • Serving (City) Over 30 yrs.
  • Your One Stop Shop for Appliances, Parts and Repair
  • Same Day or Next Day Service
  • Affordable Appliance Repair
  • No Extra Charge for Saturday Service Call
  • Free trip charge with repair
  • Insured/Licensed
  • We Service Most Brands

Try us out right now with this very special introductory offer:

Call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX and save $25.00 off any dishwasher repair PLUS we’ll waive the entire diagnostic and trip charge fee, a $XX.00 value. This is a very limited time offer made only to our web customers so you must act now. The call is free and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Include your extraordinary promises and guarantees (and yes, they need to be extraordinary). Explain how your pricing is straightforward and fair.

Describe your company’s unique service policies, your money-back pledge, your 24 hour emergency service, your on-time pledge, your “Leave No Trace Commitment”, free shipping, free returns, and as many other unique qualities about your company that customers are longing for someone to provide.

I say “longing” because they are actively searching to find a company that gets it, removes the risk, and allows them to stop drudging through websites and get back to their life.

Avoid Commodity Phrases at all Costs

These include statements like this:

  • We’re Number One
  • Quality is Our Specialty
  • Honest and Reliable

Customers place no value whatsoever in these general and vague claims. These statements also imply that you have nothing real to offer. Customers respond to compelling offers, risk-free guarantees, and clear calls to action.

Highlight the benefits of your offer with a brief paragraph or bullet points. The best landing pages offer more than just a list what’s included; they also clearly highlight the benefits of the offer and give visitors a compelling incentive to respond. For example, instead of “Our line of bedding is made from Swedish foam” say something along the lines of, “Swedish foam users report an 87% reduction in daytime back pain.” In other words, emphasize how the offer addresses a specific problem, need, or interest your target audience cares about

Google AdWords Landing Pages – How to Create Compelling Offers That Are Practically Irresistible