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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Using Google AdWords to bring traffic to your site is only part of the process, once you’ve captured their attention you need to take it one step further by figuring out how to convert those clickers into customers.

Here are some suggestions.

Carefully Use Google AdWords

One of the biggest problems is that some marketers do a great job of creating their Google AdWords ad but that ad has little to do with the actual product or what visitors will find at the site. That’s going to cause visitors to leave the site in a hurry which isn’t what you want.

Instead, develop your ad carefully so that it is a good reflection of your site and your product. If necessary, work with a professional. The investment may be well worth the returns.

Look at Your Site

Another reason clicks don’t turn into sales is the site design. If visitors land on a page that is confusing or poorly designed, they aren’t going to stick around long enough to make a purchase. Instead, the landing page should load quickly and should tell the visitor exactly how to proceed to the next step of the process.

Remember to keep the site streamlined and avoid anything that might annoy visitors, including popups and excessive advertising. You also want to make it quick and easy for your visitors to get where they are going. As the Google AdWords’ site recommends, nothing should take more than three clicks to reach on your site at that moment.

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