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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Pay per Click advertising (e.g. Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Search Advertising) increased sales by 120% within three months! This exactly what my local car mechanic experienced and here is his Online advertising success story.

‘The Red Flag Mechanic’ is a small family run mechanic specialising in car servicing and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) car conversions. Until June 2007 Jeff had concentrated his advertising effort on Yellow Pages advertising and distributing leaflets in mailboxes. His sales were decent but not spectacular. Jeff was approached by a Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing agent and decided to spend the $500 he usually spends on Yellow Pages advertising on Google AdWords advertising.

Jeff’s use of computers is immature at best however the AdWords agent set up and managed his campaign for him. Jeff decided to target keywords associated with LPG conversions which are more profitable for Jeff than regular car servicing. Inquiries and sales increased substantially.

The key benefits for Jeff have been; advertising targeting the audience he wants for the products he sells, a fixed annual AdWords budget, the ability to advertise only when he needs to (as opposed to year round as with the Yellow Pages adverts), reduced annual advertising spend (he no longer advertises in Yellow Pages nor distributes leaflets) and measurable results from advertising.

Jeff’s story as above is not unique and shows the potential for small organizations using Google AdWords. The case study shows success with Google AdWords however Search Marketing and Microsoft Search Advertising and other online advertising campaigns can be equally as successful.

From a business advisor perspective the real benefit to ‘The Red Flag Mechanic’ is that advertising can be initiated or stopped very quickly with Pay per Click advertising (Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft Search Advertising etc.). Small businesses are not as flexible when it comes to elasticity of production capacity as large organizations which can ramp up supply quickly. When Jeff has too many requests for his services he simply has to refuse business which may have long term negative effects. I advise my clients to use PPC (Pay per Click) advertising due to the ability to start or stop advertising at very short notice. It is also hugely advantageous for small business to be able to focus sales on specific products or services when needed; PPC advertising is very flexible allowing single or multiple adverts to run and advert amendments may be made at any time. Of course, the added benefit of PPC advertising is that the advertiser only pays when an advert is clicked by a viewer.

My recommendation to small businesses: Try PPC advertising, the rewards may be huge!

Google AdWords Success – A Case Study