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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Google AdWords advertising campaign is a good way to generate leads, find new prospects and get your products or services into the hands of the quality buyers that you intended to. It is a nice way to generate new traffic quickly which can also give you more possibilities of converting to sales.

AdWords ads can be started with a few low cost text ads and a landing page that is interesting enough for your customers to stay on the page and have a thorough view of its contents. These people who may click on your ads may be searching for information similar to what your product or service is about.

Google AdWords campaign creation may be time consuming and taking a lot of your time and effort to make it work successfully. There are techniques that can help you do this campaign effectively and efficiently.

Google Analytics shows you how people found your website, how thorough they view, and how you can enhance your site to give good experiences to viewers viewing these. With the information you can get, improvements can be made on your site to give good returns on investment of your online business.

For Google AdWords users, Google Analytics is important for tracing and gathering of statistical data regarding conversion rates, click through rates and other needed data. Google's tools within AdWords and Analytics make data extraction easy for you.

Before getting started with your AdWords campaign make sure that you are using the same Google account email address for both your AdWords and Analytics accounts. This is an important first step for you ad campaign with AdWords.

After signing in to your AdWords accounts, choose and select the Google Analytics "as the account to link to in AdWords". With this process you will be able to monitor the behavior of your customers.

After you have Google Analytics and AdWords links, you can track your visitors if you have opted in to keep the auto-tagging tab turn on. This is important in managing your AdWords campaign because of the ability to track customers and make easier to gauge conversions and returns on investments.

With the data you can get, you can make immediate refinements on your ad campaign if results are not performing well. The behavior of your visitors while on your site can be monitored and you can have an analysis on why they are going away quickly, or making no conversions, and immediate actions can be done.

Conversion tracking can be done more easily with Google Analytics, and you can do it without difficulty if this is link to your AdWords account. In order to have a good tracking and monitoring system, these two should be linked as initial step to be done in your ad campaign.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords