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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

For people who are just now getting rolling in making money online, website creation is scary.

All that weird coding is not real friendly looking, no matter how many people say that code is beautiful or easy. Don’t worry about code and search engine optimization at the moment. You’ll have ample need and opportunity for all that stuff later. Right now you’re probably more concerned with making money as fast as possible. Affiliate marketing without websites will shorten the time it takes for money to start rolling in.

The Internet is a pretty wild place and very foreign to what you are familiar with offline.

It is really wise for you to concentrate on learning all the layers beneath the public areas one portion at a time. You won’t get so overwhelmed this way. So let’s take a good look at exactly how you can make money affiliate marketing without website creation and all that effort too. You’re about to discover that there is a form of this so-called bum marketing that will appeal to just about anyone.

Let’s say you decide to join the affiliate program of a web hosting company.

After all the majority of people who make money online have a website. Since you have to have a web host to publish your site then this means the market for web hosting firm is pretty huge. You can promote this web host you are partnering with in 4 different ways:

o Social Marketing

o Video Marketing

o Article Marketing

o Pay Per Click Marketing

These are all the current ways to do affiliate marketing without websites.

So before someone invents a fifth way to create a cash flow you want to get going in one of the above. If you are good at writing and enjoy it, then you’ll want to try article marketing. Just go visit Clickbank and PayDotCom to see what kind of products you can promote. Research the best selling keywords and write articles about how or why people would use this thing. Then you publish your articles in free article directories with your affiliate link within your article.

To do video marketing is really simple, but you should be good with making videos.

Get the names of top selling products in Clickbank then shoot over to YouTube and search those keyphrases. The videos that come up in your search results will give you ideas on how to create your affiliate marketing without websites campaigns.

For all you social butterflies, you can make money with forums and social networks.

Here you will promote the products on your MySpace or Facebook pages. This will bring you conversions for your affiliate marketing without website design and publishing headaches involved.

Anyone doing affiliate marketing without websites using PPC campaigns needs startup cash.

Here you have to bid on keywords and every click that someone makes on your AdSense ads will cost you money. The really good keywords will always have tons of competition which makes the cost per click skyrocket. So unless you have deep pockets, it would be a lot less of a financial risk to get your feet wet in one of the other forms of affiliate marketing without website hassles.

Higher Profits Doing Affiliate Marketing Without Websites