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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

There came a point in my life when I said “No More!”

After many years of being an employee, toiling hard to work my way up the corporate ladder, I came to the realisation that the only one making any money in the employee/employer relationship was the employer.

Therefore, I quit my job and purchased my own business. For three long years, the first thing I thought of when I woke in the morning was my business; and the last thing I thought of before I fell asleep was my business.

Even on one of my rare days-off, I was thinking about the business – are the staff doing the right thing by the way of customer service; are the staff stealing; have they done the ordering? It was never-ending!

My life suffered. Family events were literally non-existent and my health deteriorated to a point of being admitted to hospital.

Then I stumbled upon Internet Marketing.


Like the majority of people entering the Internet Marketing Industry, I decided to venture down the Affiliate Marketing path.

As I did not have my own product to promote, ClickBank became my preferred affiliate site, giving me thousands of products to chose from.

That was the simple step.


Find a product on ClickBank is easy. Promoting that product to a vast audience is a little more tricky.

There are many options you could chose to explore, such as pay-per-click, article writing, blogs, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


YouTube videos are great as they are easy to produce and FREE!

By going through the Sales Letter of the product you are going to promote, it is easy to piece together a PowerPoint presentation you can use for your YouTube video. Once you are happy with your presentation, I use a website called OneTrueMedia, which I upload my PowerPoint presentation.

It is here that I get a little creative, adding themes and music. The final product is then easily uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.


Search engines such as Google love WordPress blogs. WordPress blogs are extremely easy to set up, with plenty of support available.

There are literally thousands of themes to suit your niche. Also WordPress have loads of plug-ins to enhance your site.

The WordPress site can also be monetized with Google and Amazon products.

There are many avenues an Internet Marketer can explore to promote their product. As you become more confident with the way the search engines work, I recommend you educate yourself with each and every one of them.

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