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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

If you’ve been in the internet marketing game for any length of time you probably realize that AdWords PPC marketing is a very effective marketing strategy for several reasons. To start with you have the ability to drive traffic to your sites much quicker than with SEO or any other traffic strategy. This enables you to test markets for profitability quickly which overcomes the long delays in testing associated with other traffic methods.

The next benefit is that you can weed out the unprofitable keywords quickly via tracking and focus more on the most profitable words. By only doing SEO on keywords that your PPC tests have shown to be profitable makes your business much more efficient. One negative about pay-per-click advertising is that tracking is essential to protect yourself from any losses. The importance of protecting yourself from losses with your AdWords campaigns makes tracking a vital component to this type of marketing.

Keyword research is another important component to PPC marketing. Should you start out running test campaigns with a large keyword list it can easily chew into your budget. That is why PPC advertisers have embraced smarter ways to narrow down their keywords to only the profitable terms.

PPC Monitoring Scripts

Several server based script products have come onto the market in recent years which monitor Google AdWords. A script such as this works by monitoring ads for each keyword for several days. If an AdWords ads runs for several days there’s a good chance it is profitable otherwise the advertiser would lose money. A drawback to these scripts is that you need to wait until each monitoring period is complete and some scripts are expensive. Despite this the cheaper versions are equally as effective and the cost savings compared to testing with paid campaigns make them a worthwhile investment.

PPC History Databases

Recently there have been products come onto the market which are essentially databases of AdWords PPC ads. While these services are not cheap on the surface their value really can’t be underestimated. Having access to a database that returns profitable keyword campaigns is very valuable. Getting into profits is a simple matter of taking these keywords and copying the campaigns. It would be difficult to find an easier strategy for making a profit.

Following the older PPC marketing approach you will need to allow for the cost of running test campaigns to filter out keywords that aren’t profitable. With so many PC marketers using the new advanced methods you will need to be prepared to work hard against them to make a profit. A smarter choice is to adopt these emerging technologies unless you have a substantial test budget to weed out poor keywords.

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