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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Google AdWords can be a powerful advertising platform when used properly. Below are two important tips to create a profitable AdWords campaign.

Understanding Google's Campaign Penalties

Google AdWords is the most popular advertising platform online, which also makes it the most competitive. One of the methods Google uses to separate high quality advertisers from low quality advertisers is through the use of penalies.

It's not advisable to "play around with" the Google AdWords platform without having a solid understanding of how it works. If you launch a campaign that does not meet Google's standards you'll likely be penalized for low quality, which increases your cost per click through your entire account.

Before building your campaign on the AdWords platform you should have a thorough layout of your own campaign. Writing down your keywords, ad groups and ad text variations can help visualize proper structure and create a high quality campaign.

Use Multiple Landing Pages

It often helps to visualize the advertising process in two broad phases. First is the advertising phase where you use Google to send visitors to your website. The second phase is what happens after the visitor reaches your website.

Although AdWords can help send targeted visitors to your website, it has little influence on how your website converts traffic into revenue.

Because pay per click can be expensive with competitive keywords it's important to capitalize on every visitor you receive. The most efficient way to optimize the second phase of online advertising is through the use of split testing multiple landing pages.

Create two variations of the page visitors first visit when sent through Google AdWords. The web page that yields the highest conversion rate should be kept while the losing page discarded.

Split testing allows you to identify what customers are responding to, and helps optimize your content for sales.

How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign