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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Some time ago the owner of Digitalpoint, the most popular webmaster related forum, came with the idea to share AdSense revenue with the forum members. He set up a script which displays 50% of his ads and 50% ads of the thread starter. During the time many other forums implemented this system. In this article you will find some tips how to earn most money from these revenue sharing forums using Google AdSense.

First of all, you will need to join Google AdSense program. When you are accepted you can generate a code for displaying the advertisements. Copy this code and set up it in the revenue sharing forum. From now, AdSense advertisements with your id will be displayed every time you perform the action defined by the forum owner. Usually you need to start a new thread to get 50% chance that AdSense ad with your id will be displayed.

Even if the forum offers revenue sharing from the post replies I strongly recommend to start new threads. This way you have under the control all keywords. And good keywords are the way how to earn most money. If you choose some good keywords for the thread title you can expect more than only a few ad impressions. The thread may receive traffic from the search engines for a long time and because your ads are running you earn money from this traffic.

There are many lists of most profitable keywords around. Try to find some of them and start topics related to these keywords. This will cause that ads with higher price per clicks will be displayed.

If you have some ideas about interesting topics but don’t know if you are using good keywords use Google keyword tool. This tool is located in the AdWords section. You don’t need to pay for advertising to use this tool. Just sign up for Google AdWords and search for keywords which have good chance to rank well.

How to Earn Most Money From Revenue Sharing Forums Using Google AdSense