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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Have you ever wanted to earn another stream of income on the side? Maybe turn it into a full-time income? Have you ever heard about someone you know who makes extra money, a living or a “nice piece of change” from doing something on the web?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is just what you’ve been looking for. In this short overview, we’re going to discuss four ways in which anyone, including you, can create an income stream from the internet.

No matter what you do to make money online, there is one core idea that drives it all. Content is King. No matter what you do online, you will be creating quality content. Content is what drives in the dollars, either directly or indirectly. You absolutely must be able to produce something of quality to publish on the web. Whether its text, audio, graphics or video, your content must be good enough to draw people in and keep them engaged. It must be good enough for them to want to share it, or even buy it.

Don’t worry, if you don’t think you have the ability to create good content, there are many people out there who do. You can easily find someone to hire to help you. More on that later, let’s get into our four money-making strategies:

Strategy #1 – Freelance work

No matter what you do, be it writing, video production, website design, graphics design, SEO, internet marketing, public speaking or accounting, there is a freelance website out there that wants you.

Freelance work is one of the most popular ways for people to make extra money on the internet because you can become a part of these websites for free in most cases and there is a huge need.

You can use websites like oDesk, Elance, freelancer, and even niche discussion forums to find paying clients. The only real drawback is you will have to weed through a lot of cheapies. You’d be amazed at how many people want to pay you a penny a word to write an article this size. However, it’s okay to take a few low-paying jobs at first just to get your feet wet, and then demand higher wages as your reputation grows.

Strategy #2 – Advertising

Now, when we speak of advertising here, we don’t mean that you are the one buying it. On the contrary, what we’re referring to here is a program like Google’s AdSense. A program where you host ad feeds on your website and receive a commission for every click.

Think of AdSense as sort of the opposite side of the Google AdWords coin. When you have a website that has some good traffic numbers, you can put ad scripts on your pages and Google will feed you advertising. One of the great features of a program like this is that the ads that appear on your pages will be chosen by the programming to match the content of the page. In this way, there is a greater chance of a click and everybody wins.

There are other programs like this one, but AdSense is probably the most popular and effective. It’s great for informational websites and blogs.

Strategy #3 – Affiliate programs

Another way for you to benefit from your website or blog’s traffic is to enroll in an affiliate program. They work similar to a pay per click payout program like we discussed above.

The big difference is that instead of being paid a few pennies for each click, although this can go up to over a dollar, you are paid when someone clicks one of the ads on your page and then makes a purchase. You will then receive a commission on the sale. This can be quite lucrative depending on the program.

Because of the nature of this sort of program, it allows you to craft specific web pages or whole websites and blogs that match the products or services you are promoting. This makes it a bit easier to market these websites through link building, SEO and other internet marketing methods.

Strategy #4 – Your own websites

If you put in some time and effort, you can build up a large amount of traffic to your own blogs and websites. This is done by using SEO, content creation and publishing, link building and just direct sales and advertising.

If your website sells something, or perhaps you have created a paid membership or service, your internet marketing efforts will eventually bring you customers and a nice stream of revenue.

Of course, the key here is quality. You must create a good website, a professionally done website with quality SEO, quality content and excellent structure. It must act as a virtual sales person.

Before we close this out, there is one more method for making money online we want to share. As we mentioned above, this is a very short list of what’s really possible. Consider this, however. You can combine all four of these strategies in your internet money making tactic.

If you are promoting an e-commerce or memberships website, why not throw some AdSense code on some or all of the pages? You might even have a page dedicated to your affiliate partners. And you can offer your freelance services, both on your website and on the many freelance websites out there.

When it comes to the internet, and really any financial success, it’s a good idea to create multiple streams of income. This is good both for increasing your revenue and giving yourself a bit of security. If one of your strategies slows down, the others will compensate.

Another benefit of multiple income streams is that even if each one only makes a little money, they add up. And you can reach a nice income level without having to work too hard on one particular thing. Let’s say that you earned $500 a month from your freelance work, $250 from your Ad hosting, $400 from your affiliate marketing and your website was creating $350 a month from sale of product or memberships. That would give you a $1,500 per month income. Probably not enough to live on, but tack that onto your regular pay and you have got yourself a nice little side income.

And if you can get to $1,500 a month, you can double that, or triple it, in time. The sky is the limit. We hope this has sparked some creative ideas and that it propels you down a path of internet financial success. Good luck.

How to Make Money Online – 4 Powerful and Effective Ways to Generate Income From the Internet