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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

One common misconception is that Pay Per Click does not work for network marketing. Even Perry Marshall, one of the definitive pay per click experts in the world said that pay per click does not work well for network marketing.

This simply is not the case.

Pay Per Click works well for almost any type of marketing. It even works in network marketing. There are distributors who have build six figure incoming in network marketing with it being a major part of their overall prospecting strategy. The challenge is you need to know how to make it work for you and your network marketing business.

Pay Per Click and Funded Proposals In Network Marketing

One of the best ways to make it work for you in network marketing is to use a funded proposal. Many distributors find it difficult to make a profit off their advertisements. They typically spend more than they make. You can get around this by using a funded proposal. This is when you offer some type of information product that someone searching for the keywords you are bidding on would be interested in.

For example, if you market a greeting card opportunity, you can create a report that teachers sales people how to increase their sales by marketing with postcards. In the report, include a link to your business. By charging money for the report you can use the revenue that you generate selling the report to offset your advertising costs associated with marketing your network marketing business. A certain percentage of people who buy the report will inquire about your network marketing business and you can sign them up as customers or recruit them as distributors.

Let's say you make $ 200 a customer on average. You spend $ 1000 on pay advertising and you make $ 600. You are losing $ 400 a month on your advertising. However, let's say that you made an additional $ 400 from selling a $ 50 report. Now instead of losing $ 400 you are breaking even. As some of these customers become recruits you will make your profits off their production.

Make a Profit in Pay Per Click by Going After Less Obvious Keywords

Everyone goes after the obvious keywords, like network marketing and home business. These keywords typically have very high bid prices on them. As a result, it's difficult to make a profit on them. One way you can get around this is to go after less obvious keywords and phrases for your network marketing business

I looked up the keyword "network marketing" and you would have to pay on average $ 2.80 a click. Therefore 100 clicks would cost you $ 280. Assuming you get a 15% opt in rate, that's 15 leads at a price of $ 18.67 a lead. However, by targeting highly specific, low traffic keywords and phrases you can pick up phrases that you can purchase for much lower and get the traffic you need in the form of more keywords.

For example, if you instead decided to bid on "Cashflow Quadrant" a book written by best selling author Robert Kiyosaki, you can get that keyword for $ 0.70 a click. There are other books not as popular that you can get for even less. You create a landing page about the book and then put a link with a call to action about your network marketing opportunity. A certain percentage will click on the link and check you out.

Suppose you got your average cost per click down to $ 0.30 a click instead of $ 2.80 like the above example. 100 clicks would now cost you $ 30. Even if you got a lower opt in rate of 5%, your lead price is now $ 6.00 a lead instead of $ 18.67 a lead.

Pay Per Click does work for network marketing. The key is you need to know how to work it effectively. To get the help you need to grow your business, click for step-by-step Internet Network Marketing Training.

How to Make Pay Per Click Work For Network Marketing