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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

A laately released report at WebSideStory reveals that search engines have a significantly higher conversion rate than all other sources. Organic and paid listings on all search engines in sum have been compared with other internet links. In this investigation to the "internet links" belong banners, affiliate links, price comparison search engines and other forwarding links.

According to the study, search engines achieve an average conversion rate of 2.3%. "Internet links" come on the other hand only on 0.69%. This result represents clearly why search engine marketing is so popular with distribution parties responsible.

The conversion rate of the search machines gets only surpassed by direct side calls including trademarks with 4.23%. The greatest conversion effect is achieved by that from branding effects and customer tie. Visitors that have stored the website in their bookmarks or called the website directly accordingly are guarantors for the highest conversions, therefore the best proportion between number of visitors and made purchases.

Which benefits can one get from this study now?

– One can use his advertising-methods considering more effectively and receives at the same time rapidly a significant sales increase. Conditional through the advertising-billing economicized for in-effective advertising-methods also a profit increase is to be reckoned on.

– Through the abolition of in-effective advertising-methods the distribution party responsible gets more time to concentrate on the additional advertising-methods like article distribution.

Next to the "standard" SEO advertising-methods like paid campaigns in Google AdWords, Yahoo Publisher Network or other PPC's, article distribution is also very effective.

Article marketing requires indeed an a little longer preparation time (research, writing, keyword optimization, proof-reading, correcting, distribution, etc.) but it is profitable in any case, however, then it is not only free, but it offers among other things the advantage, that your website will be noticed within a short time, you obtain backlinks automatically, your reputation will be improved, and your free and targeted traffic will increase.

If you need a proof that article marketing works, just do a little search on Google for "Ewen Chia". You will get more than 105.000 results. He is not only a well-respected offline marketing consultant (in co-operation with his partner Jo Han Mok), but he is also known as the number # 1 in affiliate marketing world wide. Ewen does not pay much attention to on-page SEO, but focuses more on article marketing. If you want to learn how he did and how you can do it too, you can get immediate access to his "Secret Affiliate Weapon". This might be a good investment for you, as he is over-delivering each and every time. If you stay on his list, you will get additional information and free gifts that you will not find anywhere else. With his advice the "how-to start-up nightmare" for anyone, who wants to make money on the internet (and not only with affiliate marketing) will come to an end. He is someone who cares about his members and subscribers and I recommend him from the bottom of my heart.

My own first experience with article distribution was that distributing one article alone increased my main sites PR rank from 0 to 2 within 6 weeks online, and I nearly forgot to mention: a high ranking on many search engines for one of our main keywords. So this is worth all the initial time spent in joining all the article directories by signing in, activating your account, adding a pen-name and sending in your first article.

For this procedure I recommend using an Article Submitter. You just fill in your name, address, phone number, etc. one time while you set up the software and then it automatically fills in your details each and every time when you apply for your author-account at a new directory. You only have to select the correct country manually, but that's all you have to do. The rest is just "click". Then you have to look for the article-directory's confirmation e-mail. After confirmation you are able to log in to your new account, add a pen-name and you are done. Now you are ready to send in your articles.

With an Article Submitter all you have to do is inserting your articles once and then the rest is just "clicking" and selecting the correct category. That's it. Although your "first run" may take some extra time, your "second run" will go much faster. It now depends on your own speed in "clicking" and selecting the corresponding category but submitting to one directory should now be done within one minute. If you are faster and reach 2 per minute -> fine! 🙂

As you see, article distribution is not too complicated and is very inexpensive. I only recommend investing in an Article Submitter. If you do not fear the initial work then you will profit from article distribution already after a view days, because the article directories are getting spidered by the search engines very often and they may index your new article maybe already within 1-3 days!

So all you have to do is to start writing your first article. If you say now: "I can not write" than I am sure that you are thinking the wrong way. Change your attitude. I am sure YOU CAN WRITE! Do not expect to write a "perfect" article for the first time. Until you find your own stile and everything is getting smoother and smoother. So I recommend: START WRITING! That's all! Give yourself a chance and you will see that it is easier to write than you have been thinking of.

If you need assistance in writing, search for advice in the search engines. There are many good articles out there that can help you. So just START WRITING and the rest will follow! Tell the world what you have to say and people will listen. Be natural. Take it easy. Nobody has to write or be perfect. Even a machine is not perfect, so there is no need for real perfection. Improve your stile, improve your writing, and finally improve your habits. That's all I recommend. START WRITING NOW. It's easier than you believe!

Good luck and much fun with article writing and article distribution. You will profit broadly from it.

Copyright © 2006 Andreas Obermueller

How to Profit From the Search Engine's Higher Conversion Rate With Article Marketing