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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

People of all age groups shop online. In just a few years, online advertising has grown to be worth tens of billions of dollars. The overhead cost of running an online business is relatively low as opposed to traditional business. You don’t have to be a marketing genius or a skilled web designer to make money online. There are some skills required but these can be easily learned. As long as you have a computer with an internet connection, you’re ready to get started. Online business is expanding at an incredible pace! More and more people are discovering the freedom, rewards, and independence of the work from home lifestyle they can have when they start an internet business.

Everywhere you look on the internet there is an overload of information telling you how to earn tons of money fast. You could read articles and watch videos for a very long time and you still wouldn’t know everything there is to know or even how to get started actually making money. Internet marketing is a very comprehensive subject and offers several different options.

Some of the most common types of internet marketing to be considered are Pay per click marketing, Social media marketing, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, and Banner advertisement. You may eventually be involved in several or even all of these options but you need to make a decision on where you want to start. Keep in mind that you will have a business to run. It will require time and hard work to build and maintain just like any other business. It won’t happen overnight, it’s more like a layering process. As with anything being built, it requires a good foundation.

A wise first step would be to familiarize yourself with basic internet marketing terms. Examples: Affiliate marketing, CPL (Cost per lead), SEO (Search engine optimization), Landing page, Niche marketing, Blog, PPC (Pay per click), Email auto-responder, and Social media marketing.

You absolutely must decide what you want to market! Many of your other decisions will be based on what you choose. The top 5 Niches are Internet Marketing, Real Estate Investing, Wealth Building, Network Marketing, and Weight Loss. Of course, it would be an advantage if you are already knowledgeable about any of these. It also helps to choose something you like or find interesting. This can be expanded later but you need to decide on one to get started.

An important step to insure success is to find a mentor. A mentor is a teacher or trusted counselor with the knowledge you need to succeed. There is a lot of very helpful free information to be found but a good quality comprehensive teaching guide will come with a price tag. The price doesn’t necessarily determine the quality of the content. Before you invest in a product there are a few things to consider. Do the research to find out if it’s a high quality product. Check the reviews. Is there good customer support? Does the information cover the project you are currently working on? Make sure they will teach you how to start a sustainable business and not just how to market their products.

Once you decide what you want to sell, you need to decide where you want to advertise. Some choices include Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn. You may choose to have your own web site, blog, or do email marketing. You may choose Affiliate Marketing for pre-existing products. This may be the easiest way to get started since the content has already been created for you. Otherwise you will be required to create the content or have an expert create content for you. Again, this can be expanded later but you need to choose one to get started.

Now you need someone to buy your product. It is very important to advertise to a targeted audience. This will prevent you from wasting time or money advertising to someone who has no interest in your product. You may have a Blog or Website to capture visitors email addresses which you can then send your offers. You may use multiple niche specific social media accounts which will require you to build up your followers.

It’s just not possible to learn everything right away. Write out a plan with a goal in mind. What will you do first? Will it be creating a website or blog? There is software available which will allow you to do this yourself. Will it be setting up multiple social media accounts and working on building up followers? Focus only on your current plan and block out all other new information until you’ve reached your goal. Start a To Do list and sort by priority. Join an internet marketing forum such as WarriorForum. When questions arise you can find helpful information there but be careful to stick to only the subject you need help with. Avoid taking on too much at one time which could easily cause you to become discouraged. Keep a close eye on your budget. Initially choose to spend money only on the basic foundational necessities until you have income coming in.

All the tips, tricks, or tactics won’t work unless you act on them. Internet marketing can be simple if you have the right strategies and tools. The most important thing you can do is to take action on what you’ve learned so you can enjoy successfully making money online.

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