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Last Updated on September 23, 2021

You will need the right keyword tool research software, if you’re serious about making money online. I am talking about keywords that will land you to the front page of Google. I am assuming that you are already familiar with PPC and SEO.

All you need is some form of keyword tool research software to drive your traffic to your website. What you really want to do is to have a few keywords that make a difference from the rest of the internet marketers. This aspect in narrowing down to a few keywords to target a specific market is called niche marketing.

There are many niches out there. The truth is you are not the only one with a few keywords. There are other marketers who are thinking of the same niche as you are. So, what makes the difference?

The difference comes in when you type in not one word but a few words that form a short phrase. What you see in Google, for instance, is a result of marketers who have already established their presence through the use of keywords or phrases. That is where the real competition is, fighting for the right keywords to target a cluster of hungry consumers.

Consumers, who do an intelligent search for specific markets, are bound to land on your website, with any of the combination of keywords. It is interesting that these keywords do not have to be in reading order. For example, if you type in “football club” Google will list all the possible football clubs in the world. The same is true if you type in “club football.” Google will list all the possibilities associating with the two words. Google reads it as two independent words and also as a phrase together.

There are consumers, who might not do an intelligent search, but still appears to land on the dealer’s web page. For example, someone might type “Flowers can bring girls” if someone wants to know how to win women. Google will list the possible outcome. Actually, the correct English sentence should be “Flowers can attract girls”. However, we are not learning English to become masters of the web. We have to think like marketers to look for opportunities and bring sales.

Supposing, in the earlier example, if the phrase is indeed true “Flowers can bring girls” then you have already discovered a potential market, even if the English sentence is wrong. Along the way, you discover that a percentage of people are interested to buy white flowers only. You just hit the jackpot of a niche market, because a small percentage can mean a few thousand people. That is a lot of growth potential for a small business.

Now that you have a glimpse of what the keyword tool research software can do, let me let tell you the other side of this issue.

Keywords do help marketers to narrow down to specific markets. Even after you have accomplished going for that specific market, and you still do not see sales coming in, what do you do? Remember that the number of clicks on your web page does not mean the number of sales. It simply means your web page is viewed only unless the person decides to buy through a registration program built within that web page.

In that same web page, you can actually build up a list of people who signed up to your website. You might ask, what is the list for, since they might not want to buy your product? Think like a marketer. You might not have the sales in yet for that item, but you have new stockpile of list.

You know that the money is in the list. Your keyword tool research did not go to a waste. It has indirectly built another list of potential consumers who might be interested in other products, not necessarily related to your niche market.

Do you get the picture of the power of internet marketing? How else do you think, millionaires made it through? When you use keywords, you are harvesting consumers, who are the gold nuggets of your internet business.

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Internet Marketing – Keywords, Harvesting the Gold Nuggets!